Things I Fancy Friday - Polka Polka!

I know, I know....where have I been??

I've been here. Not blogging. I think that sums it up.

It's getting closer and closer to wedding planning "crunch time" and now with the holidays right around the corner (HOLY CRAP WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??)

I can't promise that I'll be here as often as I was...prior to my constant and unplanned hiatuses...but I'll try to be here more often that I have been.

I miss the blogging community and I miss your comments and hellos!

I've been really wrapped up with Instagram believe it or not...and not just my personal one but my instagram shop too! Believe it or not there is a HUGE and constantly growing community of instgram shops. I've been selling my clothes and accessories that were in need of new homes that could...well fit in put it plainly.

It takes a lot of time! Lots of photos, packaging, shipping, and lots of questions! Sometimes I'm just not up to blogging when I get really wrapped up in it. I just want to be away from a computer ya know?

Anyway...I wanted to share some polka dot goodness with you today. Mostly because I'm wearing polka dots and I've got it on the braaaain!!!

Hope to talk to you soon!!!

This is so perfect...gotta love a good Rise filter...well that's what I think it is anyway!

Um....this is perfect. The color of the dress!!

I wouldn't hate having these as bedside tables!

These were originally for sale on Zulily but I don't know what brand they are!! I NEED THEM!!

I want this bathroom...and mostly the curtain. Where can I find it?? For my budget which is like $8...oh so nowhere? Curses!

Have a lovely polka dot day!!

Talk to you soon! :)

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