Are You There Guys? It's Me....Jenna!

Hey hey hey!!

So good news! I'm married!

Sadly, I was sick as a dog on my wedding day and am actually still recovering after over a week of being sick! It put a bit of a damper on things but even still it was a perfect day.

I want to share a couple photos the photographer sent me as a "preview" to all of the photos!
I should get them all within the next week probably.
On that note, I'm planning a little revamp of the blog, the new name of this little ditty will be    That Gal Jenna! So if you see that in your blog list it's just little ol' formerly known as SewSavoirFaire!

Once I get my motor running on getting the revamp done, who knows when it'll be, I'll post again as a reminder :)

Thanks for sticking around and checking in!

Right after "I Do"

The beginning of seemingly endless photos!

Love this photo!
Talk to you soon!

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