Mid-Week Coffee Break - Hearts, Pralines, and Booze

Annnnd....it's the middle of the week.

Which means it's time for the coffee break for this week. I just love these posts. And I really do drink coffee (or tea) while I type them! 

Okay so this week, besides the amazing coffee mug, there are some equally amazing finds!

Also...boozy cupcakes in place of an actual cocktail feature. 

This amazing mug is from the same shop that the mug from last week is from. So freaking cute.

This. Is. Everything.

This ring is incredibly expensive but it's so perfect.

I'm totally going to try this one.

Things I love...Anthropologie jewelry. Things I'll never be able to afford...Anthropologie jewelry.
I'm obsessed with this ring!

Grape jello shot cupcakes. You betcha. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's coffee break!

That Gal...signing off.

Firecracker Lacquer Review and Swatches - What Is Love? - Valentine's Day Collection

Oh my goodness you guys.

I have such a fierce and fabulous Valentine's Day Collection to share with you!

The collection is inspired by non-traditional love songs. Which is so darn fun!

This isn't a "typical" color line up for the holiday but that's why I love it so so much.
This collection releases on 1/29 at 6pm MST!

I have my reviews as a part of the title of each polish rather than at the end...because I may start doing it that way!
Also my Instagram (@ThatGalJenna) will have videos of three of the four polishes. The holo goodness is beautiful!

I hope you guys enjoy the photos because there are lots of them!

Nothing Without You
(hot pink with both linear and scattered holographic qualities) 
**Three thin coats - no issues with formula/application/staining - beautiful color payoff!**
 **outdoor direct sun**

We're In This Together
(black leaning brown jelly with red and pink holographic glitters)
**Three thin coats - no issues with formula/application/staining - This does need about 3 coats of top coat for a smooth finish - Love that it's this perfect combo of black/brown!**
 **direct sunlight**

Forever With Me
(bright purple with both linear and scattered holographic qualities)
**Two coats - no issues with formula/application/staining - absolutely perfect purple!**
 **direct sunlight**

You're My Favorite Explosion
(glitter topper made up of white, pink, red, and holographic glitters)
**One thin coat and an extra coat that I dabbed on - no issues with formula/application/staining - check out those macros...the added sparkle in this topper is freaking fabulous!**
**shown over Forever With Me and Liquid Lacquer Wednesday - with HK Girl Top Coat and with NN3000 Matte Top Coat**
Where to find Firecracker Lacquer -

And one more time for good measure...
this super fabulous and unique Valentine's Day collection releases on 1/29 at 6pm MST

Will you be grabbing any from the collection?

That Gal...signing off!

**polishes were sent for my 100% honest review and swatches**

Color Club Review and Swatches - Kapow!

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? 
If I said Sunday wasn't a lazy Sunday for me and my husband...then that would be a lie! 

I had a big ol' swatch fest this weekend though which means I have a fabulous Valentine's Day Collection to share with you this week! 

To start the week off with a big bang I have a super bright and fun polish from Color Club to share with you. Friday was so dark and gloomy and full of rain that I reached for this stunner to brighten up the dark!

**direct sun**

Man it is not easy to take photos of such a bright polish! 
My camera just didn't want to focus but in the end I think they turned out well.

This is one of the polish from the Poptastic Collection released in 2014.

I own...three other polishes from this collection and they are freaking fabulous! 

My mini review of this is - 

Lovely formula. Easy application and removal. No staining.
The blue shift in this makes it so so special. So much more than a bright pink.
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Azature base coat

You can find this beauty a lot of places but my favorite place for Color Club polishes is Ebay!
 I think I paid 4 dollars and free shipping for this beauty!

Do you own any polish from the Poptastic Collection?

That Gal...signing off!

NerdLacquer Review and Swatches - Smoke Dragon

Welcome back to the polish posts!

I just love having a little "palate cleanser" in the middle of the week that isn't about polish. It gets me jazzed to post polish the next day.

So today I have a unicorn in the polish world to share with you.

Due to the fact that I've been without a job for awhile now and I don't have any income coming...I've had to start selling my rare polishes...this is one of them. So in memory of me owning this beauty...I thought I would share photos of it. At least I'll have photos to look back on!

Smoke Dragon was originally released as an exclusive polish sold on the Ninja Polish site back in 2012 I believe and can now only be found via re-sellers.

Smoke Dragon
**outdoors - indirect/direct sun**

I'll just do a brief review of it - 
It's amazing.
It's unique.
It's beautiful.
Two coats. Fabulous.

I will see you guys next week!

That Gal...signing off.

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