Fabulous Friday Finds - Farewell 2011!

Woo hoo!!! It's Friday! I'm ready for a three day weekend for sure!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? Are you more of a go out and partay or stay in and watch the countdown type person? 

I am without a doubt...stay in and out of the way of all the party-goers. 

The farthest I plan on venturing out...is on Twitter (nerd alert). 

Caravan Retro Necklace via londonhandmade - This is made out of paper! There was a brooch that I was going to use but it was sold by the time I was typing this up. Love it!

Business Cat via Memesters - Seriously. Business cat looks super snazzy. I would hire him.

Laurel Felt Hair Fascinator via oneLittleM - To say that I am in love with this would be an understatement. The colors are so pretty would be so fabulous for any hair color!

Envelopes made from Vintage 1950 Fashion Magazine via CelessaBazaar - I think these are just too pretty to even use to mail a letter in. Oh, and you get 5 envelopes in one order, gotta love that! 

Through the Looking Glass via WildLifePrints - Hands down...this is my favorite find this week. The colors of this print are so gorgeous and vibrant. (Not to mention...there is a 2 for 1 sale right now!) I've never seen anything like this before...and I love cats. : )

That's it!! 
I wish it was pay day Friday.  
That print would be en route to me!

But I digress and wait for next week. 

If I don't talk to you before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday...Happy New Year!!

It's Still December so I'll Wear a Onesie If I Want To. - *Photo Heavy*

I feel like I can continue to share Christmas photos since it is still close enough to the holidays!

Sadly, I didn't get a photo of me wearing my onesie while opening gifts, that's a lie. I did get a photo but I'm just NOT going to share it! It seemed like a much better idea when I bought it. I mean...kids look so darn cute in them! Mental note - 27 year olds shouldn't wear onesies. 

Okay okay...I'm a glutton for punishment...I included a photo of myself in the onesie.

*Christmas Morning*

My other half got me some fuzzy ear muffs for when we go bike riding at night and it's COLD...because that's the only time it's cold enough for ear muffs!
My onesie! That's me being tough and macho. It seemed appropriate since we were posing with my other half's manly man Christmas gift. 

Oooooh! My mom's new camera. Fancy fancy.

Mimosa's for Christmas breakfast. Woo hoo! Yum. And me wearing jewelry that I got for Christmas and the onesie had to go because it started to get hot the later it got!

*Christmas Dinner*

Another shot of my dress - this time in front of the tree at my parents' house!

Me and my beau...and my shoes!!
Laughing because we were getting caught playing with my mom's new camera.

Pretty pretty ornament decor.

My shoes and my mom's shoe choice for the festivities. 

So what...I love my shoes. I can't help it!

On our way home (and me with a pair of heels in case my shoes were painful...they weren't!) That's my step dad getting photo bombed by us! : )

*Christmas in Atlanta* 
My parents went to Atlanta to see my brothers for Christmas. I couldn't make it because they were going to be gone for too long for me to take off work!

My nephew Matthew - He looks like he'll be a force to be reckoned with!

My brother Mark on the left with his kiddos - Matthew and Jessica - My other brother Michael with his son Mason. Digging into Christmas goodies!

My lovely mama and Michael. 

Whew! Okay I will stop! I think this is the most photo heavy post I've done in awhile. It makes sense though since the holidays and photos go hand in hand. 

Did you go out of town for the holidays or did you stay in your neck of the woods? 

I hope my brothers will be able to visit next year because it's usually not possible for me to leave. Not to mention my pet sitting duties that usually are around the holidays!

Talk to you soon!

Random Wednesday #6 - Cats Ahoy!

Hey lovelies!
So today I have a lot of random cat photos but at this point...I'm sure you're not surprised!
Also, today is the first day that I'm back and work...no fun! More than anything I wish I was home cuddled with my other half and the kittens! Being a grown up is LAME! : )

Random Photo Time -

This is Trixie. And this is the blanket that my mom got my other half and I for Christmas. Or as Trixie is demonstrating the blanket my mom got for her little kitten butt!

Me and Benny. He's my eldest fur child and until my other half came around he didn't like ANYONE besides me. Part of me considers him a traitor and the other part of me is glad he's not trying to kill the other half. (And this is me in my PJ's more than likely right smack dab in the middle of the afternoon)

I got the cutest and sweetest Christmas card from Miki! I love the little dressy kitten on her stool! She even put together what must've been a large scoring word in Scrabble for me : )

Lastly, this is my little terror Benny again, he saw a gecko in between the door and the screen door and just had to have it. Of course this was an impossible task unless he managed to get past the glass. So I thought I would assist him with getting a closer look. (I had to stand on a chair)

He is literally standing on my arms (can you see his little paws on my wrist?) Apparently he trusts me to support ALL of his kitty weight! In case you haven't noticed...he's a big kitty!

That's it! See what happens when I am off of work for so long...I just take photos of cats way more often than I normally do! : )

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Christmas Dinner*

Hey everyone!! 

How was your Christmas holiday? Are you still recouping from all the food? My mom made a veggie lasagna for little ol' me so I could partake in the overeating like everyone else at the table. It was pretty darn delicious too. 

I wanted to share what I wore for the Christmas dining festivities! Sorry about the quality of the photos. My other half and I took a handful of shots right before leaving for my mom's house and the lighting was pretty darn awful. 

Also, we tried to repair the cat destroyed Christmas tree as best we could prior to using it as the background for the photos! 

PS - you may notice a couple of colors around my waist and that's because I added a dark green ribbon to the dress to make it 100% Christmas :p

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Dress - Eshakti
Earrings - hard to see but they are from World Market
Shoes - UrbanOG - LOVE my shoes. I couldn't wait to wear them for the holidays. Yay sequins!

So did you get anything you were really hoping for at Christmas? 
I was over the moon excited to get a Nook Tablet it's pretty amazing. 

Talk to you soon!

Break Time!

So I think I'm going to take a page from the ever so lovely and wise Kate and take a scheduled bloggy break for Christmas. 

I was on the fence about it because I feel SO disconnected when I'm MIA in blog-land but I think it's important to focus on the fam and Christmas-esque activities. 

I'm thinking as of this post through Christmas day I will be blog free! I'll be back for a What I Wore post on Monday!

I have a busy schedule of pet sitting these guys for the holidays -

 AND visiting with family, finishing up shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, making dessert for Christmas dinner and all that good stuff!

 I'll still be on Twitter though!

Talk to you soon and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Random Wednesday #5 - Bleach, cats, and Missoni!

Hey everyone! It's time for another round of random! 

(Don't worry, the bleach and the cats are not in the same photo!)

Though a lot of the time I feel like my days in general are pretty darn random. But that's okay...I'm 100% okay with that! Are your days really structured and planned out? Even when I try it doesn't always work out like that. Especially at work...I can't plan anything because something pressing always comes up and needs attention!

Okay, sorry, I'm rambling! 

Photo time -

Me at the salon last weekend getting the last major portion of black and brown roots out of my hair! Not gonna lie...it was an uncute look but I had fun with the yellow roots)

In case you can't see it - that's a sequined poinsettia in my hair - yep.

This is my other half, and this is Trixie, and this is how she sleeps. She climbs up on me or Mark when we go to bed and usually we wake up like this too.

This is such an awful photo, because all my random photos are taken with my phone, but this is my fancy and fabulous new Missoni bike! Eeeek! My other half bought it for me for Christmas. 

Lastly, this is Puss in Boots, and he is my tried and true diving companion. Command Strips work pretty perfect for adhering a plastic Puss in Boots to your car dashboard. 

Random Facts - 

Georgia Peach Vintage is open for business AND I made a fancy coupon code to celebrate the opening. VINTAGELOVE will getcha 10% off. Little by little I'm adding items. I try to add 2-3 each day. I ordered some business cards too but I won't keep talking about the shop. I'll share them another time!

Eshakti is offering 50% off discount cards!! Seeing as I've never gotten a bad dress from them I had to get one. So for $50 bucks you can get a $100 gift card! 

* I'm STILL not finished shopping for Christmas gifts!! Ahhhh!

* Who watched the season finale of Dexter? I don't want to spoil it SO please feel free to tweet me or email me if you want to talk about the craziness of it!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that hasn't finished Christmas shopping! Do you have any left to do?

PS - Congratulations to Chantilly for reaching her Kickstarter goal! You deserve it and so so much more!

What I Wore - *Romwe shorty shorty short dress!*

Man oh man! This weekend just flew by. More so than usual. Probably because it was a pretty busy one for me. I had my hair appointment Saturday (and if you follow me on Twitter you saw the insane bleaching my hair went through.) I'm happy to report that I finally got rid of all most of the black pieces!

Also, Sunday was the first official day that my fancy new vintage shop opened! I only have a few things listed now but will be adding more in the coming days! Woo hoo!

How was your weekend? 


Now to explain the title of this WIW post. I bought a dress for the first time on Romwe over the Thanksgiving holiday after seeing it on Miki's blog. I just HAD to have it. Well I got it on Saturday and it is just so darn cute but SOOOO darn short! I'm glad I'm only 5'3 because otherwise it may have been slightly obscene. 

Oh! Make sure to stop by Miki's blog to see how she styled the dress!

There is ZERO good explanation for this photo. I may be pretending to be a baby tiger or a kitten. I mean who knows...(take note of that amazing mood ring!)

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Brooch - For Sale at Georgia Peach Vintage - This is one of my favorite brooch finds! <3
Mood Ring - Overboard Antiques - I haven't taken it off since I got it!
Dress - Romwe
Tights - gift from my boss from well over a year ago
Shoes - UrbanOG

Whew! That's it! 

Do you have any dresses that just barely stay on the "I'm comfortable wearing this in public" line? 

Talk to you soon!

Fabulous Friday Finds! - Gift Guide for Cat Lovers!

Okay okay, I know, I said I would attempt to include LESS cat-esque finds but it's almost Christmas and most people know at least ONE person who is an avid cat fan! Most importantly I don't like spending a lot of money so they are ALL friendly on the pocket book. Woo hoo!

First things first. 

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm *crossing my fingers* that this will be the final appointment for going red. With any luck there won't be any black left after this round!
Speaking of black hair, I debated on going back to black because it's SO much easier, but I thought I would at least go ALL the way red before I went back to black!

Has anyone else went black and decided to try another color? 
I swear I'll never try another color if I go back to black...it's SO difficult to get rid of black!

On to the Feline Finds! 
(Hehe...I'll take any reason to use the word feline)

Cat on a braided rug pin via Pinderella - $13.00 -
I recently purchased a pin for my boss from this shop and it is so pretty and colorful. When I saw all the cat I was pretty excited. A lot of her pins are made to look quilted, like this one, which is such a neat idea. Plus that cat looks extremely cozy!

Wood Magnet (vintage postcard) via MyFathersHouse4 - $3.75 -
I love this magnet. I love it SO much! And how neat is it that it's made out of a vintage postcard?

Phat Cat Spoon Set via toykoroseaccessories - $10.00 -
Not only are these adorable but they are dishwasher safe which is SO important! On the back of the spoons are little fish. So cute! A great addition to a cat lady's kitchen.

Recycled T-shirt Kitty Knots Cat Toys via LooneyJoonTees - $3.50 -
These are great! I actually ordered a set of these a couple days ago for my felines for Christmas. I can't WAIT to get them. I think I'm more excited than I should be. But they are light so cats are able to throw them up and bat them around easy. They will get lost for sure but a really great cat toy find!

Cat Lady print via flapperdoodle - $5.00 -
 Yes please! Two more cats and this would be me! I LOVE this print and all of Kate's other artwork. Really classic designs with fun and spunky twists!
Height of the Morning Mug via Modcloth - This one is the biggest splurge but still not outrageous - $27.99
And the little kitten is a stir spoon!!

Do you have any animal lovers in your life to buy for? Or are you the animal lover...will you treat yourself to any animal-esque item this year? What have you had your eyes on?

PS - Thank you Chrissy for sending such CUTE cat finds to me!

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