It's Still December so I'll Wear a Onesie If I Want To. - *Photo Heavy*

I feel like I can continue to share Christmas photos since it is still close enough to the holidays!

Sadly, I didn't get a photo of me wearing my onesie while opening gifts, that's a lie. I did get a photo but I'm just NOT going to share it! It seemed like a much better idea when I bought it. I look so darn cute in them! Mental note - 27 year olds shouldn't wear onesies. 

Okay okay...I'm a glutton for punishment...I included a photo of myself in the onesie.

*Christmas Morning*

My other half got me some fuzzy ear muffs for when we go bike riding at night and it's COLD...because that's the only time it's cold enough for ear muffs!
My onesie! That's me being tough and macho. It seemed appropriate since we were posing with my other half's manly man Christmas gift. 

Oooooh! My mom's new camera. Fancy fancy.

Mimosa's for Christmas breakfast. Woo hoo! Yum. And me wearing jewelry that I got for Christmas and the onesie had to go because it started to get hot the later it got!

*Christmas Dinner*

Another shot of my dress - this time in front of the tree at my parents' house!

Me and my beau...and my shoes!!
Laughing because we were getting caught playing with my mom's new camera.

Pretty pretty ornament decor.

My shoes and my mom's shoe choice for the festivities. 

So what...I love my shoes. I can't help it!

On our way home (and me with a pair of heels in case my shoes were painful...they weren't!) That's my step dad getting photo bombed by us! : )

*Christmas in Atlanta* 
My parents went to Atlanta to see my brothers for Christmas. I couldn't make it because they were going to be gone for too long for me to take off work!

My nephew Matthew - He looks like he'll be a force to be reckoned with!

My brother Mark on the left with his kiddos - Matthew and Jessica - My other brother Michael with his son Mason. Digging into Christmas goodies!

My lovely mama and Michael. 

Whew! Okay I will stop! I think this is the most photo heavy post I've done in awhile. It makes sense though since the holidays and photos go hand in hand. 

Did you go out of town for the holidays or did you stay in your neck of the woods? 

I hope my brothers will be able to visit next year because it's usually not possible for me to leave. Not to mention my pet sitting duties that usually are around the holidays!

Talk to you soon!

  1. looks like you had a great time. :)

  2. Awesome pics! Love your onesie and those shoes...hell yeah!! xxx

  3. I love all these photos! And I'm glad you posted the one of you in your onesie, haha! SO darn cute! I want a onesie, too!

    And, yep, your shoes totally deserve to be snapped! Love them, too!

    Aaaand, you and your other half look sooo adorable together!!! ;D

  4. omg, i love the onesie. please continue to wear it, 27 or no :P

  5. Aww I love all of your photos!! Yes, your shoes are flippin' amazing!!i love that you sported a onesie. That's awesome.

  6. Love your piccies!! I like that your nephews all appear to have superhero t-shirts. Maybe your brothers are trying to train up an army of superheros from scratch? That needs to be a book series, stat!!

    The onesie is awesome. I would probably get one too if I ever found that. Because I am me, I have to know about the pee situation regarding a onesies. Hit me up in the reply to my comment. Because you'd better respond to my comment!


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