Random Wednesday #3 and the giveaway winner!

Hey lovelies!

First things first!

The KittyKeyCaps giveaway winner! 

The winner is....


I just couldn't choose one person!
So....I went ahead and bought 4 extra packages so everyone who entered could get a pack! I did use random.org to choose the person who would get the pack I already had because I ordered the rest from the Forever 21 site so I have to wait to receive them! Comment number 5 (Alycia) will be the person I send the kitty key caps I already have to! I'll be contacting everyone for their addresses soon!

*Time for Randomness - *

- I officially closed up my DaintyPawsDesign shop so if you click on the "Woo Hoo it's Etsy" link above or the little photo of Penelope on the right it'll bring you too Georgia Peach Vintage

- My new favorite show is Once Upon A Time - Have you been watching it? I don't know if it's because I just LOVE Ginnifer Goodwin

- I received my goodies from the pre-black friday sale at Tulle4Us yesterday so I'll be sharing those soon!


*Random Photos*

Flashback photo! This is a photo my other half took of me while I was painting at our old apartment. 

If you follow me on Twitter you've seen this but this is what I'm normally doing on the weekend...watching TV on the couch...with my computer and a cat in my lap.

Another blast from the past - My parents and my other half and I went to see Hairspray last year at the local dinner theatre in Jacksonville. I'm such a Hairspray fan...I couldn't pass out a photo with the Corny Collins sign! Don't mind the awful quality of photo...it was taken with a cell phone!

  1. I've been watching Once Upon a Time - I love it! And you are so sweet to give everyone a prize, Jenna!!! And giiiiiirrrrrl - you are brave to paint on your carpet with nothing under you! I would have spilled paint all over and there woould be paw tracks all over my house!!!
    Had to share with you and I can't put this on my blog because of my landlords - but my really, really fat orange cat, Daxter, ran away a couple of weeks ago - been so unbelieveably sad. However, last week there was a starving kitten hanging out in my back yard that we took in.....sooooo, yeah. We have a kitten now. :) Keep hoping Fat Dax turns up though.

  2. Loving "Once Upon A Time" but sadly I'm a couple of episodes behind. I just saw the Cinderella/Ashley preggers one. But loving it.

    Also loving the red boots in the last picture you posted. Gorgeous!!!!

  3. i'm so happy to win! thank you :)

  4. Yippee! Thanks for getting extras so I can FINALLY win a bog giveaway :) That's awesome you paint- I always envy people that can paint!

  5. Yay!! So excited to win. Everyone at work will be super jealous of me with my cool keys :)

    Just about to catch up on Once Upon A Time! And Prince Charming had better be dreamy, Jenna, otherwise you'll be in trouble!

    Thanks for your email too!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG!!! Jenna!!! Thank you SO, SO much! :D I'm happy! >*.*< YAY!

    And these pics are so adorable!

    I, too, love having Dimitri on my lap :p. Dante doesn't stay on people for too long :/. Btw, today we got home and we found Dimitri bleeding on his nose :(; poor thing, he got into a fight and got hurt.

    Hope you, your hubby and the kitties are doing great! And thanks again!

  7. I love Once Upon A Time! How sweet to make everyone a winner :)

    cute pictures


  8. had a great time browsing through your blog :)
    I was part of package pals too, wasn't it sooo fun :)

  9. I wish I were artistic, so that it'd be worth to have real deal art materials.


I LOVE reading your comments, it brings a smile to my face, you lovelies are the best! If you have a question or comment and have your email linked to your blogger I will without fail respond!

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