Fabulous Friday Finds - Edition #IHaveNoIdea

I really need to go back through and label each FFF with numbers. For now though they will be numberless.

So any plans for the weekend? The weather is looking less than spectacular here so I may be inside which is fine by me because I have a lot of DVR'd shows to catch up on! Oh and I'll be pet sitting again for the absolutely adorable Bella and Griffin.

I want to get straight to the finds because I love em'! 

Footprint of the Future Heel via Modcloth - Swoon or maybe Shwoon (shoe-swoon?) because these are lovely. The silver and the brown are such a pretty combo.

Vintage Paris Map Pillow via saltlabs - I'm already a fan of teal and black but when it's paired with a map of Paris. It's that much more gorgeous! It would be the closest I've ever been near Paris!

Pom Pom Linen Coin purse via craftsbynelsi - Ahhhh! Have you ever seen a more fun coin purse? I would grin like a kid who just found candy in her pocket every time I pulled this out of my purse! Even more so if I had change in it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show nesting dolls via bobobabushka - Hahahaha these crack me up!! Rocky Horror nesting dolls! I've never seen anything like it. Such amazing detail on them. So cute and unique!

Shoulder Ribbon dress via Tulle4Us - I haven't had the best of luck with choosing the right size for dresses from here but I'm always willing to give it another try (during a sale!) I love this dress. It's so classic but has details that are modern. Soooo pretty!

Also on a bright note. If you follow me on Twitter you may know I've been having car problems lately. I ended up having to buy a new battery last night. (Yikes...$88!) but I finally feel confident that my car will in fact start and that is SUCH a relief!

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Are you doing most of it online or hitting the pavement and going out to shop?

Talk to you soon!

  1. omg, look at that cute coin purse!! want!

  2. I was originally doing so well with my Christmas shopping. So well in fact that I sort of put it to the back of my mind because I was like "yep, that's pretty much all done". And it's not in any way shape or form nearly finished!!! Have to start getting my head back into the game. I wanted to buy heaps of stuff online but not sure if it will arrive on time!


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