Random Wednesday #4 - Bieber, cats, and brooches oh my!

Whew! Today is a big day at work!

It's our annual cookie function. The legal department I work in hosts a cookie meet and greet of sorts. Where the entire building can come and grab all sorts of different types of cookies that the we supply either homemade or purchased. That way people can put faces to names in the legal department. 

I received my bounty of Eshakti dresses that I ordered during Black Friday yesterday and I'm SO excited because now I have a perfect dress to wear for the Christmas Cookie gathering! 

I will share the ensemble on Monday's WIW post! Assuming I don't look like a hot cookie mess after work!

Commencing Randomness - 
* Keep in mind these are all taken with my cell so the quality is lacking!*

Why this seemed like a comfortable way to lay down I have no idea but how friggin' cute is it?? 

Ooooh! I'm still having a hard time wanting to list these in the shop because I LOVE these vintage enamel brooches. It's hard to tell from the photo but the top brooch is a little llama AND it's pink. So cute!

Well look who popped up on the shopping trip my mom and I took last weekend. I refuse to believe that little baby Bieber is taller than me. I don't know why but I feel like he's super tiny.
PS - my dress is from Tulle4Us - Boots from UrbanOG Belt - Thrifted - Tights and purse - Target 

So during the shopping trip where we hung out with the Biebs my mom got me an early Christmas gift...this AMAZING cape. I <3 that bow. 
(If you follow me on Twitter you've seen this photo already!)

In other random news - 

- I can't get enough of Once Upon A Time and I am heartbroken that there won't be new episodes for the rest of December.

- Trixie and Penelope (as seen in the first photo above) have joined kitty forces to destroy the Christmas tree. Only the top half is still intact. Little Christmas Scrooges they are!

- It's nearly impossible for me to take photos of the dresses for the shop once I get home from work because it's already too dark and that annoys the heck out of me. It only leaves me the weekend!

I could go on but seriously...if you've made it this far I am extremely impressed and thanks for reading all of this mumbo jumbo!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Haha... I'm with you, the Biebs is tiny in my mind too. ;)

    And WHAT?!?!?! I didn't know there weren't any new episodes of Once Upon A Time until December!!! :( So bummed!!

  2. There's no way the Biebs is that tall. Look at how weirdly sized his head is! Looks like Photoshop work to me.

    Also, that cape is amazing.

  3. You've got great fashion sense, Jenna - your outfits are always so cute! I'm two weeks behind on Once Upon a Time...totally have to catch up this week. Oh, and by the way - Fat Daxter came back!!! Say whaaaaa? That's right! Now I have three!!! Which I was not intending to do. My husband looked at me the other night and said "do you realize how many animals we have?" and then I looked right back at him and said "do you realize you moved my ass to Kentucky???"

  4. Awe, your kitties look so comfy, haha!

    I LOVE your cape! ;D I'm a big bow fan. Every time I see garments with boys I feel like "I need to have them"!

    The brooches look amazing, too. I'd keep them, hehe.

    And the pics with Bieber are funny, hahaha!

    Hope you have a wonderful week, Jenna! ;D



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