What I Wore - *Christmas Dinner*

Hey everyone!! 

How was your Christmas holiday? Are you still recouping from all the food? My mom made a veggie lasagna for little ol' me so I could partake in the overeating like everyone else at the table. It was pretty darn delicious too. 

I wanted to share what I wore for the Christmas dining festivities! Sorry about the quality of the photos. My other half and I took a handful of shots right before leaving for my mom's house and the lighting was pretty darn awful. 

Also, we tried to repair the cat destroyed Christmas tree as best we could prior to using it as the background for the photos! 

PS - you may notice a couple of colors around my waist and that's because I added a dark green ribbon to the dress to make it 100% Christmas :p

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Dress - Eshakti
Earrings - hard to see but they are from World Market
Shoes - UrbanOG - LOVE my shoes. I couldn't wait to wear them for the holidays. Yay sequins!

So did you get anything you were really hoping for at Christmas? 
I was over the moon excited to get a Nook Tablet it's pretty amazing. 

Talk to you soon!

  1. That outfit is SUPER adorable! All of it! Shoes, dress, ribbon! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. oooh, you look lovely jenna! merry christmas :) xx

  3. What a nice outfit! Love the shoes! Yay for sequins on shoes! And yep, I did get presents, even though I was expecting nothing! The best one? I got The Crazy Cat Lady game from David!!! :D I'd love to have you over and play!!!

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas and have started the week off with a huge smile! ;D


  4. SHOES!!! Holy cow. Please tell me you're wearing them again for New Year's.

  5. OMG, those shoes are amazing!
    You look gorgeous! xxx

  6. I think you've probably picked up on this from the previous comments - but those shoes are to die for! I could never wear them as much as I love them though... I break an ankle in anything higher than a kitten heel! :D

  7. I love your dress and shoes!! So festive! :D

    My mom makes me a tofurky for Christmas, have you ever tried that? So so so so yummy with mashed potatoes! :)

  8. So pretty! I love those shoes!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are getting excited for New Year's Eve! :)

  9. Oh my goodness - those shoes are AMAZING!!! You look so pretty in this dress, and I love the green ribbon. I can't get over your awesome shoes.


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