What I Wore - *Let's Ride!*

Hey there ladies (and the occasional gent!)

How was your weekend? Was it lovely and relaxing or not so much?

I spent the majority of Saturday with my friend Leda doing some shopping at some local antique stores. All of which I haven't been to before! 

I'll share photos of my goodies this week! But I did include one amazing find in these photos!

So the title of this post WOULD have made more sense if I had been able to take all the photos I wanted to. Sadly, my camera bit the dust this round of shooting, I wanted to get some photos of my bike because we were on our way out to go for a ride.

So at the very least...I do have the photos of what I wore!

No the amazing find isn't that wicked awesome vest...

Close up shot of my necklace even though it's still hard to see it's a little heart.

Ta da! My new/old camera bag! I found this vintage camera bag for 10 bucks and it was love at first sight. It's perfect. The size, the shape, the room inside. Woo hoo!

Trying my darndest to hold back a laugh apparently.

Woo hoo!! Channeling my inner cheerleader (the closet I've ever come to being one!)

Wears from Head to Toe -

Glasses - Coastal
Vest - thrifted
Shirt - Target
Necklace - ASOS 
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Shoes/Flats - DSW (Rocket Dog)
Camera Bag - thrifted

And....also wearing but you can't see it.

I tried to get a shot of my nail art but for some reason they all came out blurry. So I took this after the outfit shots. I worked (for hours) on these Friday. My intent was a calico cat look that I spotted on Mandy's blog on Friday. For my first go of "art" I think it turned out pretty good. I was worried my nails wouldn't be long enough but they were!

That's it for this week!

Talk to you soon!

Friday Finds - *Special Edition*

Okay so I couldn't think of anything else to title this post because ALL of the items are from one particular shop. So technically it's a "special addition" due to that little fact.

I was reading the lovely Paige's blog and she shared the most adorable item (which I don't want to share because the fiance reads my blog...and I want to get said item for him.)

Anywho, I went to the site assuming with all my internet shopping prowess that I would recognize the site, but I didn't! Shocking. Isn't it great to stumble upon a site like that?

I wanted to share some of the amazing items they have there...PS...I want pretty much everything.

Have you heard of Plasticland before?

Holy smokes...have you ever seen anything like this brush set before?? They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I need them in my life...my make up would thank me for it. PS - they come in a velvet case!

Come ON! This hot pink modern vintage cuckoo clock is fabulous. And get this...it's only 27 bucks! (there are only 2 left though!)

This perched owl night light is so friggin' cute - I immediately thought of Rachele when I laid eyes on this beauty - I may or may not become fearful of the dark now which in that case only this guy could ease my mind.


 These are bowls!!! These stacking bowls would be adorable decor or be quite the beauty of a bowl to hold cereal.

Lastly, this sail away dress, is so cute!! Seriously...it's got sail boats all over it.


Oh! And my new shoes...which I cannot express how much love I have for them.
One my my favorite shoe finds!


So...whatcha got planned for the weekend? I'm hoping to keep it pretty low key...we shall see!

 PS - I can't stop thinking about those make up brushes.


Random Wednesday #23 - Let's Book it! - A Discovery Of Witches

Hey lovelies!

How has your week been treating you so far? Has it gone by quickly or is it passing at a snails pace?
(Mine is going at the rate of the latter)

I thought I would switch it up a bit and just share aka gush about a book I'm reading rather than share a bunch of my instagram photos that you may or may not have seen already. **I hope you don't mind!**

After finishing the Hunger Games I was at a loss. I had a bevy of books still waiting for me to choose them to be my next read but I was afraid that due to how invested I was in the Hunger Games trilogy of books and the story that I wouldn't be able to find anything that grabbed (and held) my attention. It's happened before when I began reading the Tiger's Curse books by Colleen Houck. (PS - I cannot wait until the next book in the series Tiger's Destiny)

Lucky for me I did have The Clockwork Prince to read which is the second in a series that is pretty amazing. If you haven't read The Mortal Instruments OR it's prequel series The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare I HIGHLY recommend them.

Anywho, about the subject of the post, A Discovery of Witches.
(PS - I just realized this is the first book in a trilogy! Yesssss!!!!)

I'm not going to lie...I intially saw the cover of this book awhile back and it caught my attention. I had a gift card for Barnes and Noble that I thought it couldn't hurt to buy it and give it a go. My lovely (and talented) monther gave me a Nook for Christmas so I was itching to get some books for it.

Now...I cannot put A Discovery of Witches down!!! It's nearly 600 pages and I swear it has flown by! As of today I have 153 pages left and I desperately don't want it to end!

**I will say that I didn't get "hooked" immediately. It took me a good bit of chapters before I couldn't put it down.**
Have you heard of the book? Has it been on your "to read" list? Better yet...are you reading it??

That's me...on Chapter 33!

And as of yesterday I changed my polish from mint green to black...in honor of the book? Maybe...maybe not. Sterotypical...yes...but either way it makes sense! Plus...it has sparkles in it.

I hope you enjoyed the little departure from the normal Randomness but hey...it IS supposed to be random!

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - Caught in a Neutral Color Tornado

Hey hey hey! 

How goes it lovelies? 

How did your weekend pan out? Did anyone see The Lucky One? I'm dying to know how that was. 

The fiance was off for the first weekend day...in forever. So even in the rain we made the best of it. We went to a local small town place for breakfast then headed out to the Riverside Arts Market where I picked up a pretty baby orchid then...found the most adorable planter at an antique village near our house. I'll share the photos on Wednesday!

** So the subject of the post is pretty self explanatory when you see the photos. I was compelled to wear a trio of colors that would normally not be thrown together. But it was...and though it may not  look perfect. I had fun wearing it :) **

PS - if you look closely above my belt you can see a safety pin...I had to safety pin this beauty because the snap closures were too far apart and being a larger busted lady...it's just something that has to be done sometimes!

Some of my fave shoes...while I normally wear boots/tights with this dress I had to go another route since the hot weather has reared it's ugly sweltering head!

See ya later crocheted vest...

I can't get enough of that belt...any chance I get to wear it I take it!

Dancin' fool I tell ya...

This is a mess of a jump...it looks like I saw a snake or something futile...screamed and then jumped. 

**I don't know what the hell I was doing in these photos and I had to share them because of that. I look like a robot powering up.**

Fleeing the scene before the robot reaches full power...

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Earrings - World Market
Dress - Tulle
Tank top - no idea...I've had it for years
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - UrbanOG

That's it for this week!

I'll talk to you soon!

Friday Finds - Ode to Phillip Phillips...kinda.

Good morning/afternoon/evening (I think I covered all the possible times available)

Let's cut right to the chase shall we?

So if you're not watching American Idol this season you may be thinking...Phillip Phillips??

But if you ARE watching it...you know good and well who he is.

If you have a couple spare minutes...take a little look of his most recent performance.


Well...what did you think? Pretty great right? If you don't think so...don't tell me...because I'm pretty  emotionally invested in how amazing he is.

So you'll notice Phillip is wearing gray...which he has worn for about a month now due to the fact Tommy Hilfiger suggested he "amp" up his wardrobe aka have a better style in order to appeal to more people.

Well Phillip wasn't too keen on the advice because he thinks the music should be the focus...not how he dresses. So...he's worn nothing but gray (with the exception of a couple other non-look at me colors) since then.

So today...let's enjoy some gray.

I don't use a Mac anymore but this MacBook Pro sleeve is ADORABLE!

A smidge of color mixed in with this smoky gray...so lovely.

This pillow is so divine...my couch told me it would like it to become part of it. Yep.

I cannot get enough of this gray moonstone ring...it's gorgeous!

And though I don't wear/use leather this beautiful handbag...is pretty fabulous. Now...let's get one of these in FAUX leather and it would be mine! I love the style and the colors. Especially the gray : )

That's it for the finds this week.

What do you have planned this weekend?

It's suppose to be raining for pretty much all of the weekend...crossing my fingers the meteorologists are more incorrect than they usually are.

Talk to you soon!!

Random Wednesday #22 - Doctor Update, Thrift Finds, and...Cats!

Hey ladies! 

How is your week treating you?

In case you're curious how my doctor's appointments went...they could have gone better.

Long story short...I need to step up my diabetic game and monitor more closely my blood sugars and insulin. Otherwise...I face the dreaded complications of diabetes. After being diabetic for almost 27 years...you'd think I would know all of this by now...but I have a tendency to pretend I'm "normal" and not diabetic. Unfortunately...that doesn't work and I can't deny the fact that I am diabetic and need to take care of myself so I can live a long healthy life. Not a short...unhealthy one.

Sorry for the downer...but I want to keep you guys in the loop!

***On a far better note...did you have a chance to stop by Chantilly's blog party yesterday for her highly anticipated CD release?? All the posts are still up and ready to read so you should stop by if you have a chance...AND there may or may a giveaway from me for a vintage brooch!***

Time for some random photos - PS - these are all instagram photos so sorry for the repeats if you follow me!

Left to Right - 

- I went with a red nail polish this week, I had to give the glitter a break, because it's a pain to get off!
- Benny caught in mid-grooming - the fiance said it looked photoshopped but it's not!
- Two days at the doctors in a row...I snagged the same seat both days. I like to sit RIGHT in front of the door!

Thrift Finds from the weekend - 

My favorite coffee cups ever...
And I cannot get enough of this style of necklace...

Last but not least - 

- Sunday...three cats...one couch and one foot. (Charlie is up in the cat tree)
- I am in love with my new satchel from F21 - as of right now or until I find another bag that feels like love...this is the perfect purse
- Just a little sunset
- My sweet baby Trixie makes for one heck of a pillow. Why she backs her cat butt up onto my arm to lay down...I'll never know. But she's so comfy I can't say no :)

Ta da! That's it for this week's installment of random!

Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,

What I Wore - It's Flow Time

Happy Monday lovelies! 

I say/type that with a slight eye roll due to the fact that I am already missing my time off. 

The start of my week is slightly different because Monday and Tuesday will begin at the doctors. 


Lab work on Monday then a proper appointment on Tuesday.

For those of you who don't know...I'm a diabetic. Type 1 aka juvenile diabetes and have been for almost 28 years now. So...for nearly my entire life. I've been an awful diabetic and it's been some time since I've gotten my lab work done...but on the bright side I'm going today. 

On a more entertaining note...I had such a blast on Saturday getting my thrift on. I'll have to share some of my goodies this week :)

The dress in my photos is part of my thrifting mini-haul!

My fave vest...it's crocheted for heavens sake!


I'm obsessed with how flowy this dress is!


Dance Part 2

Ya know...walking like an Egyptian. No big deal.

Until my neighbor sees me out the window..."getting caught" laughter ensues.

These two had a front row seat...they did NOT look impressed. Such critics they are.

Benny was vying for attention when I came back inside...he literally climbs me then holds on with all his might.
Hey look! It's the fiance! xo

PS - this is my proof that I don't ALWAYS spend my whole Sunday in my pj's - just most :)

Wears from Head to Toe -

Glasses - Coastal - the brand is LOVE
Earrings - World Market
Crocheted Vest - Francescas Collections - super old and I bought it in the actual store not online
Black Tee - Target
Dress - thrifted
Tights - F21 - gift
Shoes - DSW - brand Rocket Dog 

How was your weekend?

Talk to you soon!

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