Random Wednesday #22 - Doctor Update, Thrift Finds, and...Cats!

Hey ladies! 

How is your week treating you?

In case you're curious how my doctor's appointments went...they could have gone better.

Long story short...I need to step up my diabetic game and monitor more closely my blood sugars and insulin. Otherwise...I face the dreaded complications of diabetes. After being diabetic for almost 27 years...you'd think I would know all of this by now...but I have a tendency to pretend I'm "normal" and not diabetic. Unfortunately...that doesn't work and I can't deny the fact that I am diabetic and need to take care of myself so I can live a long healthy life. Not a short...unhealthy one.

Sorry for the downer...but I want to keep you guys in the loop!

***On a far better note...did you have a chance to stop by Chantilly's blog party yesterday for her highly anticipated CD release?? All the posts are still up and ready to read so you should stop by if you have a chance...AND there may or may a giveaway from me for a vintage brooch!***

Time for some random photos - PS - these are all instagram photos so sorry for the repeats if you follow me!

Left to Right - 

- I went with a red nail polish this week, I had to give the glitter a break, because it's a pain to get off!
- Benny caught in mid-grooming - the fiance said it looked photoshopped but it's not!
- Two days at the doctors in a row...I snagged the same seat both days. I like to sit RIGHT in front of the door!

Thrift Finds from the weekend - 

My favorite coffee cups ever...
And I cannot get enough of this style of necklace...

Last but not least - 

- Sunday...three cats...one couch and one foot. (Charlie is up in the cat tree)
- I am in love with my new satchel from F21 - as of right now or until I find another bag that feels like love...this is the perfect purse
- Just a little sunset
- My sweet baby Trixie makes for one heck of a pillow. Why she backs her cat butt up onto my arm to lay down...I'll never know. But she's so comfy I can't say no :)

Ta da! That's it for this week's installment of random!

Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,

  1. Sorry about the doctor's appointment...also, how am I not following you on Instagram? Will fix that asap.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Take care of yourself!!! I want you to live a long happy healthy life, too! Plus I want to come meet you in FL sometime :). Love the instagram photos.

  3. i didn't know you were diabetic! i'm sorry you're having those problems :(

    thank you for the mention, though <3 i love all your kitty pictures!! xoxo

  4. Sorry to hear you're having problems with your diabetes control: however, as one who is carer for a type-2 diabetic diagnosed late in life, please, do take care of yourself. Diabetes is not to be fooled with.

    Good luck, and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

  5. this is random (and not the subject of your IG photo) but i LOVE your wedding ring. it's beautiful!


  6. You sound just like my diabetic mum... "I need to take better care of myself". I bet all the doctors are scary to try and scare you onto the right path. BUT in saying that, yes please take good care of yourself. Who else will send me American "candy"?? Except for maybe Abigail but I need you to recommend me books.

    Ooh, I love that satchel. And I know I say this all the time, but I love Trixie!! Hehe, I love that her picture is in my room!

  7. Oh no! You need to stay healthy! Not to be a Debbie Downer, but my Grandpa is a diabetic who didn't take care of himself when he should have, and it's bad news.

    But on the bright side, your red nail polish really sets off your bling! Good choice. :-)


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