Friday Finds

Hey lovelies!

You what would make this day even better? If it were pay day...but is not. 

I also can't wait to share something I recently commissioned and purchased. I will wait until I receive it in the mail!

So whatcha got going on this weekend? The fiance and I had our Easter dinner with my parents last night since my mom will be out of town. I think we'll dye eggs on Saturday : )

If you have an android did you download the instagram app? I decided while I have it on my ipod that I'd get it on my phone too so I don't HAVE to be near wi-fi so that's been nice. I'm sewsavoirfaire - leave your username so I can follow!

Anywho - time for some finds!

 Have you seen these yet? I read about it yesterday on here, an artist is making a statement about the importance of trees, you can click the link to see more photos and read more about it. 
The trees are so breathtaking! 

Trex Shirt - This shirt cracks me up!! The fiance and I were laughing SO hard...poor T-Rex. 

Clairey has the cutest items in her shop! Everything is so colorful and fun...and the little felt characters are SO cute!

 Seriously. Cutest. Sorry to my feline Fantastic Four but even they think she's adorable.

These crochet boot socks are AMAZING. I don't know what's better...the socks or the boots.

Talk to you soon!!

  1. Oooh, those boots are awesome! And the T Rex shirt is too funny. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Courtney ~

  2. Hahaha, that t-shirt is hilarious! And the kitty is so pretty! :p

    I wish I were tall and slim enough to wear such long boots/socks, hehe.

    Oh, if you click the link about the paper dolls, you'll find April and Leslie dolls, too. I'm talking about Parks & Recs, btw, hehe.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, too, sweet Jenna! :D

  3. Someday I will have instagram! And we will follow eachother. And oh, how it will be glorious.

    We're dying Easter eggs Saturday night as well. I'm really looking forward to it! I hope that you two have an amazing weekend. :)

  4. I need those socks and boots. I was so busy admiring the boots that I didn't even see the socks at first :) In the HG (yeah, bringing it back to the HG!!), Katniss is hunting in the woods and there's a shot of her boots and I was like "I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in my brain. I think most of my adult life has been spent on the hunt for the ultimate pair of boots. One day, one day.

  5. That T-rex shirt is hilarious :) Poor T-rex. But I feel his pain, I hate push ups too! Those boots are awesome and even better with the darling boot socks. Hope you have a great weekend Jenna!

  6. Thankd for featuring my shop Jenna!
    That tee made me laugh!

  7. Aaaaaahahaha! That t-rex shirt is hilarious. (Those are my favorite kind of dinosaur.)

    We're having a big Easter brunch in a few hours with both sides of the family. In fact, I should probably go do my hair... Hoppy Easter!


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