Friday Finds - *Special Edition*

Okay so I couldn't think of anything else to title this post because ALL of the items are from one particular shop. So technically it's a "special addition" due to that little fact.

I was reading the lovely Paige's blog and she shared the most adorable item (which I don't want to share because the fiance reads my blog...and I want to get said item for him.)

Anywho, I went to the site assuming with all my internet shopping prowess that I would recognize the site, but I didn't! Shocking. Isn't it great to stumble upon a site like that?

I wanted to share some of the amazing items they have there...PS...I want pretty much everything.

Have you heard of Plasticland before?

Holy smokes...have you ever seen anything like this brush set before?? They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I need them in my make up would thank me for it. PS - they come in a velvet case!

Come ON! This hot pink modern vintage cuckoo clock is fabulous. And get's only 27 bucks! (there are only 2 left though!)

This perched owl night light is so friggin' cute - I immediately thought of Rachele when I laid eyes on this beauty - I may or may not become fearful of the dark now which in that case only this guy could ease my mind.


 These are bowls!!! These stacking bowls would be adorable decor or be quite the beauty of a bowl to hold cereal.

Lastly, this sail away dress, is so cute!!'s got sail boats all over it.


Oh! And my new shoes...which I cannot express how much love I have for them.
One my my favorite shoe finds!


So...whatcha got planned for the weekend? I'm hoping to keep it pretty low key...we shall see!

 PS - I can't stop thinking about those make up brushes.


  1. I love Plastic Land! I have an amazing dress from them. And I love the shoes - Zooshoo? After your post yesterday where you were wearing shoes from them I totally visited the site and bought a pair of shoes and I think I saw these ones there...

    Courtney ~

  2. That sailaway dress is gorgeous! I saw it and in my head I whistled low and said, "Helllooooo sailaway dress!" ... uh, yeah. Might be a bit obsessed with it. Weekend plans: lots and lots of reading for class, plus writing an abstract for one of my seminars. Also, book one of Tiger's Curse should arrive from Amazon today, so hopefully starting that, too.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  3. Oh, I had never heard of this store before! I shall check it out. And, oh, my! That brush set is just amazing!!!

    As for my weekend, I am planning to go to a lemon festival, haha. I've never been to a fair kinda place, so I'm excited. Maybe I'll even take a ride in an elephant ... We'll see, hehe.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, sweet Jenna! ;D

  4. Those bowls are the cutest thing ever. My roommates and I were shopping today for some nicer things for next year. :)

  5. I NEED that clock, it's all kinds of perfect!

    weekend plans here involved me working and studying today, and sunday is for the farmers market and some thrifting! :) happy weekend to you

  6. What awesome finds! I don't know if I'd use the makeup brushes but they would look awesome in my bathroom! I would display them proudly.

    The owl is adorable too.

  7. I adore those bowls! That dress is cut so beautifully, too. Annnd your shoes are fab. You could wear them with damn near everything. :)

  8. The cut of that sailaway dress is GORGEOUS. So feminine!!! I love plasticland. There is a super cool ring that I want. I would never wear it but it's so cool, see if I can find it for you. Nope, not there anymore. It was an octopus ring, random, right?! I love all their accessories stuff, haven't had a good look at the rest of the stuff... too much temptation!


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