Fun Fact - I have the most amazing laptop cover...ever.

You're probably that's one confident statement. 

But it's true. 

I had to share the fun with you guys because...the fiance isn't thoroughly impressed by bright colors and cute fabrics. 

Let me give you the low down.

My macbook which I had for about 6 years was ready to take an extended aka forever nap so I thought I would change it up and get a PC instead. The lovely Jenny recommended the ASUS brand to me so I did some research and I found "the one"...but then I needed a nice protective but fabulous sleeve to keep my new fancy computer safe.

While I found some cute options...nothing really hit the nail on the head.

THEN I had somewhat of an epiphany. It's true. I remembered seeing so so many adorable clutches and wallets on Yadira's blog. And I thought...I should ask the lovely Yadira if she could make me a custom sleeve. And she did! I couldn't have asked for her to be more helpful. She worked with me from start to finish and was thorough and really made sure I was happy with everything. 

Check it out!!

(you can see to the right...a little something Miki sent me...which I'll share later this week!)

I'm love with my laptop sleeve. The flap and the back of the sleeve is ALL red and white polka dots!

It's got hot pink lining!!! was a perfect fit! And in case you didn't notice...IT'S COVERED IN CUPCAKES!!! :)


So...if you're in the market for anything adorable and fabulous. Whether it's a laptop sleeve, wallet, clutch, coin have to check out Yadira

Links to some of her handmade goodies - 

Okay...I think that's it for today!

**PS - this isn't sponsored...I really reached out and asked for and paid for a custom sleeve!**

Talk to you soon!

  1. Yup, that is the most adorable cover ever!

    Courtney ~

  2. OMG!!! Thank you very much for such a lovely post!!!! I mentioned it in my blog today so anyone interested can come and take a look. I'm SO happy to see that you are pleased with it and that your laptop fits comfy inside. :D Now your computer has a new bed to sleep at night. ;)

  3. Uhm, yes. Your statement is correct. I love it! Maybe I should get a laptop sleeve... my computer has been being a bit mean to me, so maybe if I get it a comfy home it will love me again.

  4. That's rad! Yes, you're totally right. My laptop would love one of those! (Because my laptop totally has feelings and preferences...)

  5. it is soooo cute, jenna! cupcakes and polka dots... can't think of a better combo :) x


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