Happy New Years to My Fellow Stay-At-Home Club Members

That's right. Today is the today. All day. 

I was looking back (here's looking at you Time Hop) at the New Year's Eve's of yesteryear. 

Take a walk with me, if you please, and be transported from 2010 to 2018!

Spoiler alert - the common theme is staying at home so this one is for you Stay-At-Home friends!

 One year ago - a mix of mimosa's at work and binge watching anything and everything with my hubs - at that time we had been married for just shy of 2 months.

 Two years ago - Oh look! It's your friendly neighborhood stay home couple! This was the year my hubs proposed to me on Christmas!

3 years ago - I had a look back at my top nine of that year - seems like it was mostly hair related which is totally fine by me. I left Gainesville and moved back to Jacksonville this year, also the year I met my hubs. That photo on the bottom left corner is when I got my hair done for the first time being back in Jacksonville and I was sitting in front of the condo I was renting. I felt like my life was falling apart and little did I know how much it would change in early December that year. A trans-formative year for this gal.

 4 years ago - the caption on this read "#newyearseve at work selfie..." - showing off my pink vibes for the end of 2015. Later that evening...I was in my pajamas at home. Obviously.

 5 years ago - I participated in a tag on instagram - the caption said, "New Year's Eve for me = watching #thesupervet and cuddled up with cats and blankets...and pjs." Yep. It me.

6 years ago - Let me just jump ahead to the caption, "If you see photos of my wild and crazy New Year's Eve...it will consist of pretty much this and painting my nails. #stayathomeclub" - I mean come on...ya girl doesn't change much.

 7 year ago - caption consisted of, #ootd at work today. My New Year's even outfit once I'm home will be pajamas so this is a much better option to share!" - Real clothes for the first half of the day (that's more than I can admit to on this current day in 2019)

9 year ago - Oh look! Me! Out on New Years!! Another spoiler here...I was out with my mom and stepdad because my mom told me I had to get out of the house. Rude but also my mom is the queen so what she says is often accurate.


That's it's guys. If you are like me and you prefer to be inside, watch the ball drop, binge watch whatever the hell you want, drink champagne, lounge with cats (or dogs), watch youtube, take down decorations, or whatever the heck you wanna do...as long as it's at home...then join me this evening because I'll be right there with you!!

Happy New Year!!

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