Hey Monday! - I Quit...Cold Turkey?

So what in the world does the post subject mean?

I have a confession. If you know me, you know I like to shop. 

Too much.

Are you one of those people that not only shops because you want something but also because it makes you feel better? 
At least during the initial shopping, purchasing process, and of course the arrival of the item if you were shopping online.

Well I'm one of those people. It makes any bad feeling or emotion I'm having just disappear or lessen significantly when I shop.

But now it's gotten to the point where the act of shopping is what is causing me stress. The stress of wanting something I don't need, buying it anyway, having to make room for more things I don't need, and of course the bitter realization of what it's doing to my bank account.

So really that's all today's post is about. Maybe if I put it in writing I'll be forced to come to terms and SEE the impact it has on both myself and my family.

Sometimes I look around at my things and panic...what if there was a fire or a flood? I want to make sure my family is safe before I even think about the materialistic things and by the time I got 5 panicked cats safe and sound...everything else would probably be gone. So why keep buying things?

I think I will have to just quit. Cold turkey. No "but" or "ifs" to be included in this shopping cleanse. That's what always gets me in trouble when I try to cut back. 

I don't need anything. 
Well....except for cat food and when birthdays and holidays roll around.

So this is my declaration to myself, my family, and anyone reading this...

I am going to give up/quit shopping for least 9 months.
**With the exception of necessities & gifts (for other people)
And my birthday...I mean come on...this promise is happening 12 days before my birthday BUT I will not splurge. I limit my personal b-day gifts to...50 dollars.**

My goal is to fill the time spent shopping with new or existing hobbies. 
Any ideas?

Does anyone else struggle with this shopping addiction? 
Is shopping a way to de-stress or feel happy for you?

Thanks for reading my not so dirty little secret.

Hey Monday! - Wet n Wild Beauty - Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipstick Swatches & Review

Sorry about the lengthy title.

I think I've more or less decided to call any Monday post I put up will start with the "Hey Monday!" phrase in hopes to uplift both myself and other people having the Monday blues.
Is it working?

So anywho. Today I have some swatches and a first impression review for you. That's different eh?

If you follow my IG you'll know it's pretty heavy with lipstick posts. I do love me some lipstick. So I figured I would bring that into the mix.

I bought three of six colors in this new LE line. I couldn't for the life of me find them at any stores near me BUT finally Wet n Wild released them online a week or so ago. PS - they are still available on the website.

The colors you'll see are listed in the order they are shown - 

Peony Express, My Tulips are Sealed, & Coming Up Roses.

My thoughts & review will be at the end of the photos!



Okie dokie. 

Honestly I didn't really like these. Maybe metallic finishes just aren't my thing when it comes to lipstick. 

Now these are marketed as a "liquid lipstick" but not a liquid to matte lipstick. So don't expect these to dry down. In the photo where you can see all three swatches they were on my hand for probably 20 minutes and you can see they are still shiny. They will be more "flat" the more you eat/drink/talk as it will take some of the shine away and show more of the metallic finish BUT they aren't matte. 

My favorite of the three would be Coming Up Roses which is why I decided to share that via a big ol' thumbs up photo while wearing it. Coming Up Roses left the most stain behind while the other didn't leave much of a trace at all. 

Also the texture is a bit odd due to the metallic finish. Not uncomfortable but kind of on the goopy side. Especially for the lighter colors because if you want a more pigmented color you need two layers.

Are they worth the low low price of 2.99? Yeah I would say so. Especially if you're wanting to try the finish. I would personally stick to the more pigmented colors like Coming Up Roses & Indigo Your Way (not pictured.)

I hope you enjoyed the review and yes I know my reviews/thoughts are long-winded...just imagine how long my youtube videos would be if I had a channel!

See ya soon!

Mid-week Coffee Break - Yep...It's All About Cats

I know. A post about cats. It's downright shocking isn't it?

I was inspired to do a theme post when I stumbled across the second second photo in today's list of findings. Spoiler alert- it's a tunnel shaped like a cat.

I hope you can take a little break from your day and enjoy the finds!

Now I have this mug so I can tell you first hand that it's adorable.
In the "house cats" series on Look Human you'll find -
Ravenpaw, Literrin', Kittendor, & of course Hufflescruff. 

You guys...it's a cat tunnel.

Although this isn't a "new to the internet" image...it still enterains me.

I'm a Gemini and I find it freaking adorable that the yarn is wrapped around the description of the traits for Gemini. Also the picketing mice for Aquarius. 

I would imagine this would stain the heck out of your teeth/tongue BUT...it's adorable.

I love that this cake is a part of an article featuring cat themed wedding cakes for the cat obsessed bride. This one is so dainty AND seemingly unimpressed. PS - my wedding cake had a custom cat themed topper. 

That's it for this edition of Mid-week Coffee Break!

I hope you enjoyed the feline motif of the post. I certainly did!

Hey Monday! - Let's Talk About H&M

Hey guys!

So I thought it would be a fun start to the week to share some fun things I snagged during a 20% off sale on H&M a couple weeks ago.

If you don't already know...H&M has a beauty department FULL of pretty things. Namely...nail polish.

Now not all stores carry the beauty items so that means...they have a tendency to be somewhat difficult to find online because they are out of stock. But it's worth it to just keep checking on the site if there is something you're specifically hoping to snag because it'll show up eventually!

I took advantage of the sale by buying nail polish. I wanted to try some of the make up items but...I mean...I have so much make up. Granted I have a large...very large...polish collection too but the polish was really what I wanted to try the most. Not gonna lie...I love the shape of the bottles.

Pictured above are the LE sets that recently were released. Unfortunately the two sets with the bright polishes don't seem to be online anymore but there are three  different versions of nude sets (bottom right is the Fine Vintage set) still available. Some of the polishes in the sets can be purchased individually on the website though. The sets pictured contain - 
Sky High, Make a Splash and Governess
Sunny Side Up, Beach Bunny,  and Sedona
Twenties Taupe, Calotype and Soft Sepia

Now all the pretty polishes shown above I just purchased on their own. No sets were involved! As you can see in the third photo I'm wearing Wildwood. (You may notice Wildwood was missing from the group photo above because I forgot to grab it from my "tried" polishes.)

Also...this is me & again I'm wearing Wildwood. I'm actually still wearing it as I type this up. I've had it on for 2 days now and there isn't a chip in sight. So far so good H&M!
Also in the photo - 
Top from Zulily
Necklace - Archer + Hare
Lipstick - Coloupop Ultra Matte Lip in Bianca
Glasses - GlassesUSA Sophia frame

I hope you guys have a pleasant start to the week...maybe buying some polish will help with that??

Have you tried any items from the H&M beauty line?

Mid-week Coffee Break - The Revival!

Hello friends!

So I mentioned last week that I wasn't sure if I would be keeping the name of this series the same as it was before my blogging break.

But...I think it works. Partially because I enjoy starting the post with my favorite coffee mug of the week.

I didn't intend for Wednesday to be my first post this week BUT I have a good reason why I didn't.

We ended up spending the day at Universal Studios (we have annual passed until November so we're trying to go when the weather isn't reminiscent of Hades aka Florida in summer) and then Sunday was Mother's Day so we were busy on that day too! Normally our weekends are packed full of activities so, going forward, I should be able to get at least 2 posts up during the week.

Now...let's get to the fun stuff. 

This dreamy mug from Anthropologie. They just "get" me...though I wish they "got" my price range also. 

If you know me...you know two favorites of mine that never waver. Ed Sheeran & cell phones cases. And thanks to the beautiful artistic prowess of  of Kristen who runs KV Lettering & Design...she made my two favorite things into one! I follow her on IG and you should too if you love the hand lettering goodness!

Oh hello there most beautiful watch in all the land...to say I have an obsession with the watches from Olivia Burton...could be an understatement. I mean I think it's a healthy obsession but I'm biased. Anywho this is one that I don't own but would love to one day. If you follow my IG page you'll know my love is strong for Olivia Burton.

Literally EVERYTHING in this photo. So much amazingness.

I have been feverishly searching for a bold (but bright bold not rich bold) quilt bedding set for months now. Yes that seems like a simple task BUT I don't want to spend an arm & a leg and also so many reviews of quilts I've found report nothing but terrible fading after the first wash. So for now...I sit and drool over quilts like the one above. So pretty.

Alright guys...that's it this week!

What have you been eyeing around the interwebs? 

I will either see you at the end of this week...or the beginning of next week!

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