Random Wednesday #15 - Furniture Rearranging and....CATS!

Hello hello! 

So. If you don't want to see cats then I would recommend you scooting down to the last three photos.

This is my week in random!

Here's my poor Benny at the vet. Can you see the evil kitty mohawk starting to form on his back in the last photo? Shortly after these photos he attacked the vet nurse.

Trixie posing as the always bushy tailed bunny rabbit. She gets so tucked into the crook of my arm when I'm laying down that it's impossible to move her. That's her tail on my chest!

Hehe...these Cat Photo a Day pics from the past weekend were too cute. 

Trixie always willing to lend a paw when dad is putting together furniture.

Okay...no more cats from this point on.

So my future in laws were so kind and gave us a little engagement gift while they were visiting. We were thrilled to get the chance to update our TV stand to something that wasn't...awful. 

Now I can put my record player on the TV stand, before it was on the smaller cabinet to the left of the stand, and it just didn't have enough room! And all the DVD's can be nice and neat behind the pretty glass doors. 

So I'm not a HUGE fan of the mismatched wood colors, but it is what it is, and it works for us. I just need to get something on the right side to balance the whole thing out.

Don't mind the feather on the ground, the cats tore apart a cat toy, of course. I LOVE my amazingly sky blue Escort suitcase (which holds my records) and my $6 thrift find lamp. It even has that amazing additional light on the base of the lamp. I remember my grandparents had two lamps on either side of "their chairs" that had the lamps with the base of the lamp. <3

Okay, okay, that's it for this Random Wednesday!! 

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Beige, white, and black all over*

It's baaaack!

My black hair that is. Last Wednesday my always amazing hairstylist managed to fit me into her busy schedule so I could look presentable for my engagement photos that were on Saturday.

At first...I was overwhelmed with the difference...I had to keep telling myself it WAS black before the red. I'm adjusting...some rogue red hung around...but we shall get it next time! 

I am crossing my fingers the engagement photos went well...I was so so nervous...I just hope it's not painfully obvious in the photos. We'll know in about 2 weeks!


In cat news, if you read Friday's post, you know I had to take Benny to the vet and because he's such a mean cat (to anyone but myself and my fiance) they had to sedate him JUST to run normal tests. He will be starting some meds this upcoming weekend so I can keep an eye on him. He can be an aggressive cat so we are going to try some "anxiety" meds to see if it helps him chill out and relax! More on that once he starts them!

Now...in case you've read the above before hopping down to the photos...it's time for the outfit! -

Love a good exposed zipper!

Jammin'...can you tell I am a dancing fool yet?


Wears from Head to Toe -

DressDorothy Perkins 
(I picked this up during a huge clearance sale and it was my first time I bought anything from Dorothy Perkins...it's one of my FAVORITE dresses!)
(You can get a free pair right now with the code FIRSTFREEPAIR! I'm infatuated with their LOVE line of glasses...)
EarringsWorld Market
Tights - gift from my boss last year

Have you ordered anything from Dorothy Perkins? I've since ordered again and the next time I wasn't so lucky with getting the sizing right!

Talk to you soon!

Friday Finds - It's a Fred Flare Kinda Day

Hellllloooo lovlies!

Well I'd be lying if I said that I was completely footloose and fancy free about this weekend but it is stressing me out.

I have to bring my eldest feline, Benny, to the vet for a standard wellness exam. Except Benny is evil and he likes to try and assassinate anyone that gets near him. Fact. Also I don't care if they say these check ups are covered under my Wellness Plan I have each cat on...it ALWAYS costs me money!

THEN I have to get ready for my engagement photos. I'm FREAKING out. First of all...I've never had to take "real" photos...where I have to be serious or take direction. You've seen photos of me in my outfit posts...um...I can't keep a straight face! Let's not forget I'm still not 100% sure what I'll wear.

And people say I'm dramatic :p

Anyway, in hopes to lighten my mood, I decided to share some of my favorite fabulous finds from Fred Flare because there isn't anything for sale on that site that isn't entertaining in some way, shape, or form.

So here we go!

Japanese Kigurumi Onesie - What??? Is this pricey? Yes. It is amazing? Of course. They have other animals too...like for example...a dinosaur. These are just so darn cute!

Glowing Moon Clock - I would be lying if I said this DIDN'T remind me of Kate because it does. When it's not lit up...it looks neat...but when it's glowing it's pretty freaking fabulous.

Multicolor Stripe Satchel - Ooooh! I love a bag with front pockets and even more so when it's covered in colors. I LOVE it! *Putting on mental wish list*

Straw Dixie Hat - Come on! How adorable is this? The girl in the photo that is modeling it (you can see it if you click the link) either has a tiny head or the hat is large. I don't want my head to swim in this lovely straw hat. So I will just look at it and admire the cuteness. I could measure my head...but come on...that's not happening.

Happy Village Earring Pack - It's safe to say...I'm going to be buying these...if they aren't sold out by the time I have a spare $7.99.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Nail Polish - Every time I type polish I think Polish as in Poland. That my friends is just a random fact. Really though...this is so shiny and amazing. If it wasn't $20 I would buy it...I have an issue spending more than $15 on pretty much anything I buy...especially nail polish. I'm cheap.

Do you have any favorites on Fred Flare? What are they...I'd love to see them.

*By the way, you may or may not be wondering if this is in some way a sponsored post, it's not. I just got the Fred Flare itch and had to share! No affiliate links up in here!*

Okay so now I"m going to go and not panic about Saturday...yeah right! :p

Random Wednesday #14 - Jewelry and Charm

Hello lovelies!

If you're reading this after 3:30 (EST) today, I'll be getting my hair colored BACK black by then, anytime before 3:30...I shall still be a redhead :p

I just can't deal with the upkeep of the red...and not to mention...it's taking FOREVER to get all the old color out of my hair. I'm tired of having 3+ colors in my hair. So back to black for now. At least it'll be one color for my engagement photos!

So I wanted to share some fabulous goodies I bought recently from the ever so lovely Dondalees shop! She makes vintage inspired jewelry and it's freaking adorable. She was offering a discount code about a week ago I just couldn't pass up! As you'll see below...

This gorgeous necklace came in that cute little pouch!

 Here's all the goods. Yes...of course I had to get a cat ring. Duh. 

Needless to say...I'm quite happy with my purchases! 

Lastly, I have no real reason for sharing this, except for the fact...it's a random photo.
This is how I spend my 30 minutes at lunch during work.
In case you're wondering...that my friends is a tuna fish sandwich...on a potato roll. I LOVE potato rolls!
And the darling little Charm "book" next to it...is my Nook. 
Perfect 30 minute escape.

Talk to you soon!!

What I Wore - *Bubblegum Pink and Black*

Hellllooooo lovelies!! 

How was your weekend? 

I'm FINALLY feeling like a human being again. Human enough to get my butt into work at least. 

I'm slightly stressing due to the fact I don't have a hair appointment until 3/3 and my roots/fading red are in serious need of attention. More so now because Mark and I have an engagement photo shoot this upcoming weekend! It was very spur of the moment but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to assist a local photographer in expanding her portfolio. There's no way to improve upon my hair before then though so that makes me sad. Oh well. 

PS - these photos were taken a couple weeks ago so my hair isn't a hot mess yet! :p

This is me jammin'

This is me laughing at my jammin' break down.

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Cardigan - oldest Target cardigan ever.
Dress - ModCloth
Earrings - World Market
Tights - Hue tights from Dillards
Belt - thrifted
Shoes - GoJane

Oh I'm also kinda sorta looking around for a dress I can wear for the photo shoot. Sometimes VERY affordable (less than 30 bucks) and colorful with sleeves...short sleeves. If you come across anything online leave a comment or shoot me an email! 

Saturday Finds - Hunger Games Edition

Okay, so I'm still feeling under the weather but I have to delve into something other than being sick, hence my Saturday Finds.

I would ALSO like to say that I finished The Hunger Games series!!! Wahoooooo!!!

I was up until 2 am and had to put down my Nook with 30 pages left in Mockingjay.

I of course woke up this morning and immediately finished it. I am so relieved I don't have to be worried about reading or seeing something that spoils everything. Don't worry...I promise not to include anything today that is a spoiler. 

So hunker down Hunger Games fans or soon-to-be fans...

Mellark Bakery T-shirt via RedBubble - Come on!! I need this. Now just to decide what color and type of tshirt I want. I'm leaning towards blue because of Peeta's much loved eye color but I love the black up against the "light hearted" graphic.

 Hunger Games earrings via Amazon - Okay so these are not affordable by any stretch of imagination (I would never buy them based solely on the price) but I can't help but admire how FREAKING AMAZING they are. 

The Hunger Games Collection via BadBitchCosmetics - AHHHHH!! A whole eyeshadow collection inspired by the Hunger Games? This ticks off two very important boxes in my life...eyeshadow and hunger games.

Gyroscope Necklace via Hot Topic - What? Yes...there is a necklace as amazing as this. It's available for pre-order (ships out next week) on the site. Yes...I have ordered it. How else am I going to navigate through the arena?

Arrow and Moss Necklace via FableandLore - Swoon! I love this! This Hunger Games inspired necklace is so perfectly earthy and strong all at the same time. <3

So have you read the books yet? Are you just starting or almost finished? If you're thinking you are probably the last person to read them...I promise you're not! I thought the same thing until I realized people are just starting to read them all over the place!

Talk to you soon!

Friday Finds - Not so much...

I'm sick!! I just cannot shake whatever is wrong with me. 

I'm just SO exhausted...all the nose blowing...coughing...and sneezing has worn me out apparently.

Because of this I haven't had enough time to gather virtual finds...heck I haven't had the energy to even look for any this week!

Hopefully if I'm feeling a little more lively this weekend I'll do a belated Friday Finds. 

Until then...I leave you with this - Yep...me feeling yucky.

Talk to you soon (hopefully!)

Engagement Dinner Photos!

Well if you read yesterday's post or follow me on Twitter you know that I met my future-in-laws last night and we ALL (my parents, Mark's parents, and us!) went to dinner for an Engagement Dinner. As my mom says it was the "seal the deal" dinner.

PS - It was a SUCCESS!!!

First let me say my mom's camera is a pain in the butt. Apparently it prefers to take blurry photos. The first photo would've been such a cute photo...if we didn't look like ghosts caught on film.

Here we are arriving at the restaurant...my mom was aimed and ready with the camera! Check out the lady's face in the right hand corner...spooky.

Mark just would not stop talking during the photos!! And because of that...he gets moments such as this captured. 

My mom bought us candles with our initials of our last names on them. My now current intial...soon to be a "C" in the not too distant future!
I LOVE these pillows. The gifts were all about us being ourselves but together as one!  

Ta Da!!!! Left side - My mom, step dad, and Mark's step mom. Right side - Me (duh!), Mark, and his dad!

I know this is a shorty shorty short post but I just wanted to share that I made it out of the meeting in one piece...and a full belly.
 (I love a mexican restaurant with a vegetarian portion of the menu!)

Talk to you soon!

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