Friday Finds - It's a Fred Flare Kinda Day

Hellllloooo lovlies!

Well I'd be lying if I said that I was completely footloose and fancy free about this weekend but it is stressing me out.

I have to bring my eldest feline, Benny, to the vet for a standard wellness exam. Except Benny is evil and he likes to try and assassinate anyone that gets near him. Fact. Also I don't care if they say these check ups are covered under my Wellness Plan I have each cat ALWAYS costs me money!

THEN I have to get ready for my engagement photos. I'm FREAKING out. First of all...I've never had to take "real" photos...where I have to be serious or take direction. You've seen photos of me in my outfit can't keep a straight face! Let's not forget I'm still not 100% sure what I'll wear.

And people say I'm dramatic :p

Anyway, in hopes to lighten my mood, I decided to share some of my favorite fabulous finds from Fred Flare because there isn't anything for sale on that site that isn't entertaining in some way, shape, or form.

So here we go!

Japanese Kigurumi Onesie - What??? Is this pricey? Yes. It is amazing? Of course. They have other animals for example...a dinosaur. These are just so darn cute!

Glowing Moon Clock - I would be lying if I said this DIDN'T remind me of Kate because it does. When it's not lit looks neat...but when it's glowing it's pretty freaking fabulous.

Multicolor Stripe Satchel - Ooooh! I love a bag with front pockets and even more so when it's covered in colors. I LOVE it! *Putting on mental wish list*

Straw Dixie Hat - Come on! How adorable is this? The girl in the photo that is modeling it (you can see it if you click the link) either has a tiny head or the hat is large. I don't want my head to swim in this lovely straw hat. So I will just look at it and admire the cuteness. I could measure my head...but come on...that's not happening.

Happy Village Earring Pack - It's safe to say...I'm going to be buying these...if they aren't sold out by the time I have a spare $7.99.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Nail Polish - Every time I type polish I think Polish as in Poland. That my friends is just a random fact. Really though...this is so shiny and amazing. If it wasn't $20 I would buy it...I have an issue spending more than $15 on pretty much anything I buy...especially nail polish. I'm cheap.

Do you have any favorites on Fred Flare? What are they...I'd love to see them.

*By the way, you may or may not be wondering if this is in some way a sponsored post, it's not. I just got the Fred Flare itch and had to share! No affiliate links up in here!*

Okay so now I"m going to go and not panic about Saturday...yeah right! :p

  1. The straw hat is lovely. The onesie is super cute, and the clock is awesome. :D xx

  2. F21 makes some knock off sparkle nail shades with the big sparkles a la Deborah Lippmann and they aren't half bad. And good luck with kitty this weekend!

    Courtney ~

  3. aww, i hope little benny is okay!

    and i say... at least you're already experienced in front of the camera! imagine going in to take the photos as a complete newb. by doing outfit photos, you probably already have *some* idea of what angles are flattering, what faces are cute, etc :P

  4. I LOVE THAT ONESIE. I want the dinosaur one. :) Good luck with the cat, and I can't wait to see your engagement photos!!!

  5. OMG! Everything is so cute! I LOVED the satchel and those earrings. I think it's safe to say I'll buy them too LOL Even though I can't use studs because my ears are stretched, I use size 2g plugs. I could glue them to my plugs though...

  6. Random fact that I found out yesterday. When Jason Segel writes his movies, he wears a bear onesie. Although who knows if that's true. Never trust a comedian.

    Yes, I can't wait to see your engagement photos either. I'm sure they'll look great. Those photographers make magic happen. And besides, if they're *your* engagement photos, you won't want them to be boring ones where you are straight faced for the camera!

    Good luck with Benny-boo! Hope everything's ok. Changing topics ever so slightly, I ADORE that bag. Like "our eyes met across a crowded floor" instant love. Ooh and suprisingly cheaper than I was expecting. And that moon clock is all kinds of cool too!

  7. Good luck with the vet visit... Our crazy cat has to be sedated by the vet before any exam which is an additional $100 so I feel ya! You will do great in the photos and look lovely as always- please just throw in a cat pose :)

    I love that clock!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. I NEED A KIGURUMI. I've seen some unicorn ones floating around on eBay. My life will not be complete without one!

  9. I SO need a onesie like that one! I'm always freaking cold here!


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