What I Wore - *Beige, white, and black all over*

It's baaaack!

My black hair that is. Last Wednesday my always amazing hairstylist managed to fit me into her busy schedule so I could look presentable for my engagement photos that were on Saturday.

At first...I was overwhelmed with the difference...I had to keep telling myself it WAS black before the red. I'm adjusting...some rogue red hung around...but we shall get it next time! 

I am crossing my fingers the engagement photos went well...I was so so nervous...I just hope it's not painfully obvious in the photos. We'll know in about 2 weeks!


In cat news, if you read Friday's post, you know I had to take Benny to the vet and because he's such a mean cat (to anyone but myself and my fiance) they had to sedate him JUST to run normal tests. He will be starting some meds this upcoming weekend so I can keep an eye on him. He can be an aggressive cat so we are going to try some "anxiety" meds to see if it helps him chill out and relax! More on that once he starts them!

Now...in case you've read the above before hopping down to the photos...it's time for the outfit! -

Love a good exposed zipper!

Jammin'...can you tell I am a dancing fool yet?


Wears from Head to Toe -

DressDorothy Perkins 
(I picked this up during a huge clearance sale and it was my first time I bought anything from Dorothy Perkins...it's one of my FAVORITE dresses!)
(You can get a free pair right now with the code FIRSTFREEPAIR! I'm infatuated with their LOVE line of glasses...)
EarringsWorld Market
Tights - gift from my boss last year

Have you ordered anything from Dorothy Perkins? I've since ordered again and the next time I wasn't so lucky with getting the sizing right!

Talk to you soon!

  1. That's a great dress! And your black hair looks super cute - I hope the engagement photos turn out great.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. I actually gasped when I saw the dress. LOVE. Pinning it.

  3. I've never heard of Dorothy Perkins but I'll have to check it out because that dress is awesome! Your black hair looks great and it really POPS with that dress! Let me know how the anxiety meds go... we were never able to find one that worked with our cat and I would love to know if there's another option. I can't wait to see the engagement pics!

  4. Your hair looks amazing! I used to shop at Dorothy Perkins all the time when I was studying abroad in the UK-- so great.

  5. I don't really know where to start! I love it all! Your hair, your dress, and your glasses. Way cute! :)

  6. i have to get used to your hair too! but it looks great. can't wait to see the engagement pics and yay that you were able to get your hair done before the pics

  7. I love your new haircolor!!! Also, my Chloe is the same way at the vet.. they have to put on giant mitts just to take her out of the carrier!

  8. I can't wait to see your pics!! I know they'll come out fine. Your hair looks great black!! Your outfit pictures are always so cute.

    Cats are always crazy when they come in to work. As much as I love them, when the vet asks me to assist with a cat, my heart sinks!! Don't worry about Benny- he's pretty normal!! I am thinking of getting some pheromone stuff for Millie to help her settle in. It's called Feliway and works really well. I'm pretty sure you have it in the US too. Downside is, it's expensive but it does work really well.

  9. Congratulations on your engagement!

    This dress looks absolutely stunning on you. Sooo gorgeous! And your hair looks amazing too, I'm sure your engagement photos will look fantastic.

  10. i think the black hair suits you well. and i love your dress too!! it's so unique. and aww, poor benny! hope he feels better on his new meds. x

  11. I ordered some from Dorothy Perkins...I LOVE it, but I don't enjoy the blouses they gap at the bosom. But, that could just be me. :( OHMYGoodness you look amazing in black hair. I went black a couple months ago and I must say I love it. I was used to brown, red, pink, or blue, so black took a little bit but I really like it. I have a blue black hue going on! :) I love that dress, its so very flattering and I think your mane is awesome! Happy engagement photo taking! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  12. Your hair looks fantastic - that colour really suits you! And I am jealous of your glasses, as per usual. I've heard good things about Dorothy Perkins - I should check them out.

  13. I LOVE your black hair!!! You look gorgeous! That dress was made for you. It looks soo good on you.

  14. You look incredible with the black hair!!! I can't wait to see how the engagement photos turned out! :)

  15. I hope your kitty is ok!

    Also, you are so adorable! I love the hair and outfit!

    xo Jen

  16. You are too adorable!

    But you never jammed for ME!!! =)

    btw the photos are coming along quickly and they look GREAT!

    I'll keep you updated.

  17. You're so cute! That dress looks great on you!

  18. Your hair looks great! What made you decide to switch back?
    Can't wait to see the engagement photos! They're going to be great :)

  19. Hi, Jenna! First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU for your sweet comment and support; it really meant a lot to me and I really appreciate your being there! I am now doing better, I think, and I'm ready to start focusing on working on myself and studying.

    Now, moving on to this post, I loooove this dress! It's so original and flattering! ;) Your new hair looks great, too! Can't wait for you to share your engagement photos with us! :D

    Hope the meds work with Benny!

    Tight hugs!

  20. That is such an incredible dress and I've LOVING the new dark locks xo

  21. I love the black hair, SEXAY! YOu look great and happy :)

  22. Your black hair looks great! I love dark hair so much. <3

    I can't wait to see your engagement photos! I bet they turned out great. :D

  23. What an adorable dress! I love your glasses, too! I have the same ones in blonde tortoiseshell and I've been thinking about getting them in all the other colors too.


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