Random Wednesday #13

Random photos via a fancy not so fancy collage. I want to use picnik for all it's worth before it's gone...so I made a collage of my random photos. 

This week all my photos are from Instagram! Some of them are from the February Photo a Day Challenge and some aren't. SO if you follow me on Instagram...this will be a super boring random set of photos. Since I got rid of my iphone I don't get to use instagram like I did before. It's somewhat of a hassle using my ipod but I try to because I like looking back at the photos I upload. : )

PS - today I will be meeting my fiance's dad and stepmom tonight!! Ahhhhhh!!! (They're visiting from Colorado) Not just that panic attack will ensue...but my parents will be taking us ALL out for an engagement dinner. AHHHHHH! I'm not panicking...nope. 

Okay...just breathe. So without further adieu...photo time!

Photos from Left to Right -

-My glasses bounty from Coastal Lenses - I couldn't stop with just one pair!! <3
-A wedding dress that had my heart fluttering. It's a tea length dress but you can't tell because of how tiny instagram photos are.
-A peek into my garment closet - PS - I WILL be starting a "shop my closet" soon. I've got to clear out dresses that just don't fit anymore!
-My sweet Trixie. She brings so much happiness to my cat loving heart when she holds on to my arm when she's sleeping.
-Me at work - lost in a day dream
-That would be my front door...that still has my DIY Christmas wreath on it!
-A second pair of glasses from the first photo : ) I love the little heart detail.
- Lastly, my ninja kitty Benny, he thinks I can't see him so he kept putting his paws on my head!

Okay, so wish me luck on my dinner this evening, I will need every bit of luck I can get to come off even slightly "normal".

Oh! And have you placed any orders with Coastal before? What did you get? They offer a "first pair free" coupon if you've never ordered before. Which is of course what lured me there!

Talk to you soon!
  1. Best of luck! The dinner sounds a little scary but I am sure you will do great! (as long as they love cats) :D

  2. Good luck for your dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be absolutely fine. Do you freak out about what to order because I always do. I have to pick something that I can eat and still look vaguely lady-like. Spaghetti is out. Ooh... hope I didn't give you something else to worry about...!!!

  3. Dinner will be fine! I remember when my parents met my husband's parents. I was WAY nervous like you are now, but they were all so busy chatting up a storm with each other that we didn't have to do much. Chances are, they'll be excited to meet and will just start gabbing.

  4. Gorgeous shots.
    I wish I had an iPhone / instagram!

    I'm sure the dinner will go well, have fun :)


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