Things I Fancy Friday - Minty, Minty Goodness

When I asked the fiance what I should blog about for my Friday post...he didn't hesitate when he M&M's and all of their "minty goodness"...he almost mentioned Andes mints just in case you're wondering the full spectrum of candies mentioned.

While I won't dedicate an entire post to mint flavored M&M's...I will go down the mint path!

So before we get to ALL that...whatcha got going on this weekend? 

I have a hair appointment!! I'm throwing in the "grow my hair out for my wedding" towel and getting back to me. Everyone says I should keep growing it so I have options for the wedding day but...I'm a girl with a short bob...there's no reason for me to try for something else!!

Oh and for all you instagram-mers out there...if you're interested in shopping my closet make sure to follow me at @shopsewsavoirfaire - My plan is to start posting on Sunday. I'm somewhat very regretfully parting with a handful of Modcloth items...BCBG...H&M...F21...and lots of others! 

Gotta save for the wedding! time!!!

Yes please!!! I'd like these earrings and a back up pair...

Oh and these for a more subtle mint earring option...but oh so adorable!!

This photo is absolutely breathtaking...

I'm not a huge FOSSIL fan but pretty divine. 

I WANT THIS in my ASAP...Hey Mr. Fiance...if you're reading this...*hint hint*

I seriously can't get over that bathroom...maybe I can turn the half bath into something similar...okay so I'm just think typing. Anywho...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

Talk to you soon -

What I Wore - *Some Terriers and The Beatles*

Happy last week of September!

October is going to be such a busy month. 

My mom is having back surgery (yikes!) one day before her birthday.
The fiance has his birthday a day BEFORE my mom's surgery.
Lots of going ons happening at work...more than usual...
And ya know...more wedding getting my measurements taken...yikes!!

Anyway...what's your October got in store?
What are you going to be for Halloween?! I picked up my costume Friday. Minnie Mouse. Yep.

OH! And I have to ask you...does anyone know an affordable person to do blog redesigns? I'm looking to revamp but I'm kinda at a loss on who to reach out to. 

So Sunday the fiance and I had to take Charlie to the vet, just for a check up, so I thought of course I should dress appropriately for the outing. So I chose a cardigan covered in Scottish Terriers. Also the cardi was my first ever purchase from H&M since Jacksonville, FL JUST opened one! It's smaller than most probably but even still it was exciting to actually have the chance to peruse the merchandise. 

This was a very...throw on and go outfit...I didn't even put make up on! Gotta love Sundays.

Cracking up...

Whoops...earrings + long hair = lots of fixing of hair stuck in earrings.
Detail shot of the print!
My favorite sunglasses...

That's all folks!

Wears Head to Toe - 

Cardigan - H&M
Shirt - super old...I think it's from Target...
Jeans - Even older than the shirt...Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Rocket Dog

Anywho...that's it for today. I hope your week is off to a good start!

Talk to you soon!

Things I Fancy Friday - Bows & Lace

Hey lovelies!

I hope you guys are feeling a little more "in the know" in regards to the wedding madness errrr...planning....that's been going on in my neck of the woods!

Should I do updates regarding the wedding progress more often? I just don't want to overload you on wedding stuff.

Anyway...on that same will be nothing but lace and bows!!

Because...I love bows...and lace. Both of which will have places in my wedding :)

I couldn't just choose 5...
(which is the number of photos I prefer to share at one time...usually)
So hopefully these bits of lovely make you smile and feel all they did me!

These bows <3 I want them all...two of each just to be on the safe side.
*Source is a tumblr...sorry*


I need these. I believe they're from Anthropologie. Of course.
*Paige I totally thought of you when I saw them too*

Though swoon will be ALL I do...Burberry...almost $1700 big ones!

Last but not least this little tutorial for some cute and simple lace bows!

Ta da! Do you feel overwhelmed with lace and bows? Does it feel amazing? :p

So what's the plan for the weekend my lovelies?
Has the temperature started to get cool for you?
 I'm dressing like it's fall but it's still in the 80's here!

Talk to you soon!!

Hmmm - Yes - Wedding Wednesday Seems Appropriate for this one.

Hey hey now!

Two posts in one week!! Maybe I AM back in the blogging saddle...

So who here has planned a wedding on a small budget? I've actually had people laugh when I told them the budget. Rude.

Anyway - I want to recap as best I can the wedding stuff that's been going on in the past month or so. 

- You saw my makeup trial in Monday's post.

- Met with a florist - booked the florist!
*picture gerber daisies and wildflowers...*

- Caterer has been booked!

- I bought a veil then when I received it I wasn't as much of a fan of the birdcage veil as I thought I would be. My dark and heavy bangs PLUS the veil was just too much. When I received my new one (on the right) I was SO glad I went another route.

- Photographer has been booked. We're lucky that the venue has a back up photographer that is willing to be the main photographer for a super duper affordable price. So yay to that!

- I picked out what the favors will be but will be ordering them further down the line.

- The honeymoon has been booked!!
*The photo on the left is the front and on the right is the balcony off our room!!*

- And I'm super excited about the place we are getting our cake from! And not just because it has a super cute name. - Sugar Rush Confections

- We are still working on the decor...right now it's finding about 20 more picture frames. I was thrilled that I got an offer for 50 free prints from snapfish so at least I have the photos FOR the frames!

- Oh and last but not least...the cake topper. You's the cutest and most amazing thing in the world.

That's Penelope posing as the groom and Trixie as the bride. 
Cutest topper ever...if I do say so myself.

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your hard work Mary!!


So there may have been more updates but it's all been such a wedding blur!!!!!!!

Did you make it all the way down here? I hope so!

So that's about it for this wedding update!

Talk to you soon :)

What I Wore - *Wedding Makeup Trial* PS - I DO Still Exist!!

Are you guys still with me?? I hope you're still popping in to see if I've posted!! 

In all honesty...keeping a blog updated is hard. It takes a lot for me sometimes to work a full time job then want to come home and sit in front of a computer. Recently it's been more difficult than it was before. 

Why? One

I know it's not impossible to keep leading a normal life, including regular blogging, and plan a wedding but by golly...that seems to be the case for me!

So with that in mind I want to share the photos that the fiance took of me after I went for my make up trial. I even had my hair curled too so it's a different look than I've shared with you all before! I was even rocking false eyelashes! Man oh man those things are hard to wear for a long time...I was ready to rip them off by the end of the night.


The lipstick is perfection...Make Up For Ever...apparently it lasts 16 hours. It does stayed on all night.

I've made a few changes with my make up artist - Paulina Perez - I want a more natural air brush foundation color and more of a 'blushed' look not so much bronzed contour. I'm not a bride that feels the need to be tan...

Wears Head to Toe - 

Top - Target
Jeans - OLD - I believe they are from Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Rocket Dog


I'd like to devote a post to update you guys about what's been going on in life. My goal is to get the post typed up for Wednesday! I feel so disconnected and I've missed SO much in your lives because I haven't even really been checking blogs! Thank goodness for instagram or I'd be completely disconnected!

So please check back with me in a couple days to get the low down!

Until is a photo from yesterday. The fiance and I went to see the venue because he hadn't seen it yet!!!

PS - In case you're curious - the dress is from a Hautelook sale from a month or so back. The brand is Knitted Dove!

Talk to you soon!!!

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