My Shopping Guide 101 - A look at where I shop and my savings tactics!

Hey lovelies!

So let me start off by saying, if you know me personally or if you read my blog every once in a while, you know that I LOVE to shop. 

If I could make a living being a personal shopper or consultant. I would because...let's face it...I'm addicted. 

Not to the point that I can't pay them bills!! I swear!

You may be wondering what the heck this post will include. Let me give you a brief synopsis. 

- (Some places) Where I shop 
-How I save (so important!)
-What to look for

So ladies...let's begin!

*Make sure you KNOW your measurements! Don't be afraid to measure and find will help so much when buying online!*

(FYI - there are lots description in this!)


*Let me say that I don't shop at any particular place. There's no way you will find great deals if you just stick to a couple of places. You have to broaden your shopping horizons! Branch out!*

EBay -

Here's what I find to be the best tactic with ebay. Do you have a particular brand that you buy? Is there a size you feel comfortable buying online from that brand?

In this scenario Forever21 (for cardigans) is my go to brand on ebay. 

I purchased these 3 cardigans (all images from ebay) - The most expensive one was only $8.00! 

So for a total of about $23 (including shipping) I have three perfectly good cardigans!


A somewhat expected website I'm sure. 

My tips to save since there are rarely coupon codes to use - 

I only buy items on Modcloth if they are on sale and it HAS to be under 40 bucks. I also base my purchases on reviews. Even if I love and "need" to have it..if the reviews don't make me feel confident about the dress working on ME...then I won't buy it. Sale or not!

Also, sizes run funny on modcloth, so I also make sure to stick to a style that I am confident that it works on me if it's a bit small or large. As you can see they tend to be empire waisted dresses!


It's no secret that I love shoes. I think it's a mutual love though...I'm pretty sure they love me too. 

UrbanOG and Go Jane are my absolute favorite sites to buy shoes, affordable, and amazing shoes!

I refuse...refuse to pay an arm and a leg for a fun and fabulous pair of shoes. I can't wrap my brain around shelling out over 50 bucks for a pair of shoes. At that price it's a stretch for me to buy it. 

The best part about these two sites is there are almost ALWAYS coupon codes or on site discounts. (This goes for any online...check discount coupon sites!)
Sometimes you just have to do a little "leg work" to find active coupons.

A bonus about websites that sell shoes, they will almost always have what you're looking for because their inventory is so large, woo hoo!

Feast your peepers on these beauties and the affordable prices -

Also, UrbanOG has Deals of the Day, where they feature 3 to 4 different items from the site at drastically reduced prices! They also share coupon codes if you are a fan of their Facebook page.
The fact of the matter is, even without a coupon the prices are still great!

PS - GoJane offers free shipping for orders over $60.

*Links to shoes*
Tweed Heels
Combat Boots
Platform Sandals
Ballet Flat


Zenni Optical -

Now for all my lovelies that wear glasses. Zenni has been my go to place to shop for over 2 years now!

You have the ability to choose how much you want to spend and I always set the maximum at $15...because I'm cheap!

Zenni doesn't usually give coupon codes. My best guess is because of how inexpensive their glasses are.

Below are the glasses I ordered the last time I placed an order.
(Which by the way was September of 2011 and they are all in perfect condition)

Links clockwise from the top left - 

Are you ready for the total? This ENTIRE order, including the prescription, and shipping only set me back $41! If you have to wear glasses you know how pricey they can be so it was literally a miracle when I was told about this site. Who told me? My boss! Now I'm not stuck with one pair of glasses due to the cost of getting more options. Amazing!


Lastly, always check thrift stores, and consignment shops! I have more clothes from 2nd hand stores than I have from shopping online! Sometimes it can be a nerve-wracking event but if you're prepared to spend some time in the racks chances are good that you'll find a lot of pieces! 

Sunday mornings, right when the thrift stores/consignment shops open, are always the quietest in my neck of the woods.

*Keep an open mind when you're "GoodWill hunting" because your new favorite dress/top/skirt/jacket could be on the rack!*


And an honorable mention goes to Eshakti - I have A LOT of dresses from Eshakti - why? Because I started shopping there around the time there were a ton of sales/deals then Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

They are far more expensive then my usual buys which is why I waited until the major sales!

But when you sign up, you automatically get a $20 gift certificate/coupon in your email, so that's a great incentive! Plus everything is fully customizable!! 

I haven't purchased anything since the sales or big sales came to a halt.

Keep an eye out though! They are often having a sale! 


If you have any questions about anything I mentioned or didn't mention please shoot me an email or comment and I will get back to you!

Heck, if you want me to do any research for you on coupon codes or deals, just let me know! I'd LOVE to lend a helping shopping hand! Send me an email or tweet me and I'll get back to you ASAP! 

*If you made it all the way down here...thank you for reading this and I hope it helped!*

Talk to you soon!

**I was NOT paid in any way, shape, or form for this post...these are all based off my own personal experience!**

What I Wore - *Peachy Keen and A Lemon Kiss*

So instead of trying to summarize my weekend in words. I want to share a couple photos of how I spent 75% of my weekend (you'll see the other 25% on Wednesday!!).

Sunday - Lazy lazy Sunday - Me, Charlie, Trixie, and Penny 

And then when I wasn't with the little ones above I was pet sitting Griffin and Bella!
Oooooh Bella is a big kitty...

Griffin is my boy. <3

How was your weekend? 
Did you get into anything fun? 
Anything that made you smile?

Soooo on to the outfit! 

I got this winner of a dress during the humongous (what a weird word..I don't think I spell that out very looks so odd) Cabin Fever sale at ModCloth. This and 4 other dresses (one of which I've already managed to destroy after wearing once) I have to say this is one of my favorites of the bunch. 

I can't get enough of the petticoat. If you happened to read Kaelah's post on Saturday then you've seen this dress already and you read her mention of the petticoat also. It was just such a surprise to see such a bright yellow color and it's A-MA-ZING. *And yes you will see the petticoat in this post!*

I took these photos about a week after my most recent hair appointment so it's still fresh! Yay for freshly dyed roots! 

Here we go!

Our "back yard" is right next to our neighbors. I'm sure they see me taking these photos all the time but I'm really hoping they missed this one!


Yes I did make that I regret it...slightly.

I was dancing and laughing. It's alarming that I open my mouth so wide to laugh and it gets caught on camera.

 My other half DID take another video of me attempting to jump and me getting annoyed at him because I kept asking if he was filming and he kept saying no (LIAR!!) but for some reason it ended up blurry so I didn't post it! 

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Earrings - you can really see them but they're from World Market
Dress - ModCloth
Cardigan - Target - 
Oldest and best cardigan I have. It's my tried and true.
Bow - It came as a gift with my ModCloth haul. It's a hair clip but I threw it on my cardigan
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Hue tights from Dillards
Shoes - UrbanOG also mentioned It's a Love/Hate Thursday #2

That's it! Did you take advantage of the big ModCloth sale while it was going on? I shouldn't have because my credit card was NOT happy with me and now I need to get my tax return ASAP to pay a large chunk of it off! Yikes! 

**Make sure to come by tomorrow, I'll be posting about where I shop, because I hate spending a lot of money I do my darndest to get deals and find some awesome items! I've had some questions asked about where I shop so I figure I could share it via a post!**

Talk to you soon!

Fabulous Friday Finds - Here's hoping my refund gets here soon

Hello lovelies!! 

It's here again, Friday that is, well that and tax season. I am anxiously awaiting my tax refund so I can pay a large chunk of a credit card off...that and I really need to get a better way to hold my shoes!! Because the bookshelves aren't doesn't help that my closet is just awful!!

On another note, finally I have a search bar again on Pinterest, so I can include some things from there today! Did anyone else have that issue?

Whatcha got going on for this weekend? 
I'm pet sitting Griffin and Bella again...I'm going to try to get a much better photo of the Ol' Giant Griffin this time!!

Pinterest - Well these are just if only I could track down some birdcages that don't cost and arm and a leg!

Pinterest - Swooooon!! If I had a ceiling tall enough for even 3 mirrors like this I would try it. So so pretty!

Pinterest - Seriously?? I NEED this!!! 

Pinterest - What a great idea!! I've never even considered this simple fix for boots!

May the Odds Be in Your Favor Bracelet - So I finished the first book in the Hunger Games series. And...I'm obsessed. Two more to go! And needless to say...if you're a HG fan...chances are good you will like this beauty!

Any pins you are loving this week? What is your name on pinterest?? I'd love to check out your boards! (You can find me over there on the right hand side - look for the roses!)

Talk to you soon!

A Brief Departure from It's a Love/Hate Thing to say...

Thank you.

I truly appreciate everyone who stops by my little blog to read whatever craziness I have to say or whatever cat pictures I have to post. 

And thank you for the comments. I really do smile every time I get a little email that says someone commented. Even better if I can respond to them...because if you comment and you have an email attached to your blogger know good and well I will respond whether you want me to or not! 

I've "met" so many amazing ladies because of blogging and I seriously cannot wait to meet so many more!
*Here's looking at you Laura!*

You guys are seriously the BEST!!

Random Wednesday #10 - Bears, Books, Kittens, and...vacuums?

Is it Friday yet? Some weeks just take forever to go by and this my friends is one of them. 

Partly because now that I FINALLY started reading The Hunger Games...I feel like I need to devote a day to sit and read it. Last night I was up until almost one in the morning reading and I have to get up at 5:45 to get ready for work! Yikes! I need to get up to speed so I don't have to worry about reading something that gives something big away!! It's like Twilight ALL over again...I refused to read the books because of how much people talked about them (hello hard headed!) Then I had to read them ASAP once the movie came out. 

What are you reading now? Anything you just can't put down?

READ ME! - Okay I want to ask if you would be interested in reading about where I shop online when it comes to clothes, make up, shoes, and misc. items and how I hunt for bargains. If so, I plan on posting about it next Tuesday, if not...I'll probably still post it : )

I told you...these posts are random...about as random as the thoughts that pop into my head!

Okay some photos!

So this is an older photo (hence my black hair), apparently I never shared all my photos from the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL. This is a giant bear in the middle of the room. We're BFF's now...he just doesn't know it.

Yep, cats everywhere, even as a tear away calendar at work. Yay cats!

This is Eli. My friend Sonia and I went to the humane society over the weekend to find her baby Jane kitten a new friend. Little Eli was the chosen one. He's a sweet Manx mix so he has no tail and it's adorable. I'm officially the God Kitty Mama for each of her kittens : )

Hands down my favorite thrifted cardigan. I love the sleeves and the detail. Love at first sight I tell you! PS - the skirt (and necklace) is thrifted too just not the same day!

Does the vacuum section at your Target come with the option for a ceramic horse head? Mine does.

Seriously...I was in love with these when I ordered them but when they were delivered...I was obsessed. Let me tell you one thing. If you don't want attention...don't wear these in public!

Another photo of new lipstick. I went back and bought two more lip butters from the ColorBurst line. This one is a mix of the Cotton Candy and Lollipop. I'm hooked!

So my other half and I went to Panera for dinner last night and I ordered the Mediterranean Salmon Salad...they brought this...and I had to double check that I was at Panera. They seriously stepped up their game with was gorgeous and enormous!! 

That's it I think for this week...I don't want to over-photo you. 

If you follow me on instagram (sewsavoirfaire) there may have been some duplicates! If you have an instagram leave me your name!

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Denim Dreaming from Chantilly*

First off, I want to say a big hello to the amazing new followers that jumped aboard this crazy train recently, thanks for joining me on this crazy journey called life! 

Secondly, how was your weekend? 
I went another round at my hairdresser trying to get rid of the remaining black in my hair. Unfortunately, what's left, will just have to grow out. So hopefully before TOO long I can have one solid hair color...until then it's red with hint of black/brown!
Oh and I found the Peach Parfait Colorburst lip butter I was looking for! Here's a photo from yesterday so you can see my hair AND the lipstick!
(You can see the darker parts at the bottom of my hair!)

Okay SO now time for the outfit shots. 

The ever so amazing and talented Chantilly and I did a little dress swap (you can see her style my dress on her blog post here)

Tulle had a big pre-black Friday sale and Chantilly snatched up this dress and I loved it. So I jumped at the chance to give it a try!

(See how she styled this dress here! - I just realized that we both wore purple tights!) 

Here is a video, that I would consider to be embarrassing but, it's funny. My other half just LOVES taking video and pretending he's taking a photo. I was trying to do a serious look which isn't something that comes naturally obviously!

Now here's me trying to do my best "Chantilly" pose. She is a goddess of giving a *stop you in your tracks look* to the you can tell...not so much for me. But it was fun trying!

*trying not to smile!!!*

That's it folks!

Wears Head to Toe -

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Necklaces - thrifted
Dress - Chantilly dress swap!
Belt - F21
Tights - Hue from Dillards
Shoes - GoJane

That's it! Have you done any dress swaps with fellow bloggers or non-bloggers? I also swapped with Amber but the dress just didn't fit. I figure it's kind of a hit or miss thing to try but I would try it again!

Fabulous Friday Finds - AND my 200th post!

Holy moly! 200 posts?? That is nuts. 

In less than one year I've racked up 200 posts. I hope you've enjoyed the first 200 and stick around for a couple hundred more! 

So what's everyone up to for the weekend? 
I have a long overdue hair appt (and eyebrow appointment!!) tomorrow. I'm almost all red, I've got some difficult black stragglers holding strong, if anything they will be grown out before too long and then chopped off! 

Ready for some finds??

PS - It's Pay Day that means...I can FINALLY get the prints I've been eyeing from Kate!

While I do LOVE the lovely Emma Stone, it's the not reason for the photo, I am dying to try the new Revlon Colorburst line of lipstick. Peach Parfait in particular (which is what Emma is wearing) but my goodness it is hard to track down in a store! 

These adorable nesting dolls glasses from Fred Flare are on sale for $15! Can they be any cuter? I would more than likely drink a delicious mimosa out of one of these on a sunny Saturday morning. Then again on Sunday...whaaaat? Yep.

This gorgeous mini terrarium necklace from Woodii is just amazing. It's so delicate and earthy. I love that it isn't too large. The pendant is only 1.5 inches long. (There is a 15% off coupon code available too!)

Ahhh! These distorted candle holders from Uncommon Goods are amazing! I can't stop looking at them. Captivated by candlestick. It's true. They would make such an interesting decorative pieces on a dining room table!

Swoooooon!! I love these! (and they are on sale!) The adorable dog and cat necklaces from Uncommon Goods are absolutely perfect. The chain is a great length. Not too long or short and the simple silver can go with anything. *can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into why it's a great idea to buy one??*

Ta da! That's it! See anything you like/love? Do you treat yourself to something when you have a pay day? (Usually one thing multiplies very quickly...kinda like bunnies)

Have you tried the new Revlon Colorburst yet?

Oh come on and follow along on Twitter or Instagram (SewSavoirFaire) too! The more people I have to follow the better...I get chatty in the chair while waiting for my hair color to be done :p

Talk to you soon!!

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