Random Wednesday #8 - Thrifting Scores, Kitties, and Clothes!

Howdy folks! (I went country on you there for a sec...I do live in Florida after all)

How has your week been treating you? Mine has been crazy! I've been an emotional roller coaster this week. 

I've also been trying to track down an affordable cheap unlocked iPhone because my phone now is about to crap out on me and the cost to upgrade is CRAZY! I thought I had one ready to pick up here in Jacksonville, I ordered a case and charger, then that fell through. Booooo! So I'm on the hunt again.

But I have managed to take a ton of photos this past week. 

It's Random Photo Time! - 
(*disclaimer - the quality of these photos are awful due to the fact they are from my cellphone)

This is Trixie and this is Trixie thinking that it's a great idea to climb on my back when I was at my desk. Scale, climb, whatever painful word you could put there seeing as she has nails that need trimming!

This is Trixie and Penelope and my heart just melted when I woke up for work Monday morning to very warm legs. I grabbed my phone and blinded myself since it was dark and the flash is seriously bright...but I aimed it correctly because these were the furry felines keeping me warm. They're sleeping between my leg and my other half's leg.

This is me, yesterday, at work. I was so upset that I wasn't able to get photos of this outfit. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this but I was kinda obsessed with wearing blue yesterday. You can't see my shoes but they were even speckled with some blue flowers. 

My other half and I went out looking for a place to have dinner and we stumbled across a store ever so simply named - The Thrift Shoppe - they closed in 15 minutes but I ran through just to see what I could find. Well...I found this beauty!! Three World Traveler suitcases circa 1970!!! Can you see the little price tag?? 10 bucks people!! I may or may not sell them in the shop, I will more than likely keep them all for myself, because I'm that greedy : )

Lastly, the worst quality photo of them all, this Griffin. The giant house cat. He is one of the two cats that I pet sit for on a regular basis. His sister is Bella but she isn't in this photo...obviously. Griffin is amazing. He's huge, heavy, diabetic (I have to give him shots of insulin before I feed him), and the SWEETEST cat you could ever meet. I love him <3

Geez...almost ALL of these photos have cats in them! I think I need a support group for Crazy Cat Ladies. 

Oh and I made a new banner, my old one had photos of me with black hair, so I thought I could at least update it with some current photos and course some pictures of kittens.

Any random happenings in your neck of the woods this past week?

Stop by tomorrow for the 2nd Edition of Love/Hate Thursdays!!

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