Random Wednesday #10 - Bears, Books, Kittens, and...vacuums?

Is it Friday yet? Some weeks just take forever to go by and this my friends is one of them. 

Partly because now that I FINALLY started reading The Hunger Games...I feel like I need to devote a day to sit and read it. Last night I was up until almost one in the morning reading and I have to get up at 5:45 to get ready for work! Yikes! I need to get up to speed so I don't have to worry about reading something that gives something big away!! It's like Twilight ALL over again...I refused to read the books because of how much people talked about them (hello hard headed!) Then I had to read them ASAP once the movie came out. 

What are you reading now? Anything you just can't put down?

READ ME! - Okay I want to ask if you would be interested in reading about where I shop online when it comes to clothes, make up, shoes, and misc. items and how I hunt for bargains. If so, I plan on posting about it next Tuesday, if not...I'll probably still post it : )

I told you...these posts are random...about as random as the thoughts that pop into my head!

Okay some photos!

So this is an older photo (hence my black hair), apparently I never shared all my photos from the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL. This is a giant bear in the middle of the room. We're BFF's now...he just doesn't know it.

Yep, cats everywhere, even as a tear away calendar at work. Yay cats!

This is Eli. My friend Sonia and I went to the humane society over the weekend to find her baby Jane kitten a new friend. Little Eli was the chosen one. He's a sweet Manx mix so he has no tail and it's adorable. I'm officially the God Kitty Mama for each of her kittens : )

Hands down my favorite thrifted cardigan. I love the sleeves and the detail. Love at first sight I tell you! PS - the skirt (and necklace) is thrifted too just not the same day!

Does the vacuum section at your Target come with the option for a ceramic horse head? Mine does.

Seriously...I was in love with these when I ordered them but when they were delivered...I was obsessed. Let me tell you one thing. If you don't want attention...don't wear these in public!

Another photo of new lipstick. I went back and bought two more lip butters from the ColorBurst line. This one is a mix of the Cotton Candy and Lollipop. I'm hooked!

So my other half and I went to Panera for dinner last night and I ordered the Mediterranean Salmon Salad...they brought this...and I had to double check that I was at Panera. They seriously stepped up their game with food...it was gorgeous and enormous!! 

That's it I think for this week...I don't want to over-photo you. 

If you follow me on instagram (sewsavoirfaire) there may have been some duplicates! If you have an instagram leave me your name!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Love the shoes! they look so hot :)

  2. Aww the little kitty is very sweet! Wow that dish looks amazing! xx

  3. haha! It's a good thing I wasn't shopping for a vacuum there. I would have walked out with a horse head instead... You look so cute!

  4. The question is, why don't all vacuum's come with a ceramic horse head?

  5. Where to begin...?

    Sounds like a great book, might have to add that to my to read list. I've just finished reading "the notebook" & loved it - different to the movie but brilliant. Just started on "the horse whisperer" and that's pretty good so far too!

    That sounds like a great idea for a post :) and that salmon salad looks amazing!!

  6. First, hooray for reading the Hunger Games! The first movie comes out soon and I'm PUMPED.

    Second, you definitely need to write about how you shop. Specifically, how you keep finding all of these websites with affordable clothes.

  7. I just started The Hunger Games book a couple of weeks ago too! It's sooo good and addictive! I'm near the end and it keeps me up late when I have work the next day too.

    xo Jen


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