Random Wednesday/Thursday #9 - Thrifting, Unicorns, Shoes, & Cats (duh!)

It's here!! A bunch of random photos is here again...man a week goes by quickly :p

(Update - this post IS from yesterday - I had to repost it in order to fix my comments because they all disappeared when I got rid of Intense Debate comment form)

How has your week been going? Has anyone filed for their taxes yet? I always get so nervous, I literally have a panic attack before I file, I'm hoping I can pay off a good chunk of my credit card. (As long as I don't buy shoes...or dresses.)

*If you follow me on that little ol' thing called instagram (sewsavoirfaire) then you may have seen some of these photos. Sorry for repeats!*

Random Photo Time - 
I scored this amazing Escort suitcase for a whopping $3.00 and the adorable gold clutch for $2.00 and my absolute favorite find...that amazing Noah's Arc teapot for $3.00!! <3

Lastly, the best little mirror ever, and this hat!!
 (Hat - $5.00 Mirror - $3.00)

The ever so lovely and talented Paige posted on her blog about this little guy and how she was looking to give him a new home. I immediately said "pick me!" because my books were in desperate need of protection. Gary (lovingly named by Paige) also had to get a peek outside at his new view.

Shoes!!!! I know, I know, if you saw my post yesterday you're probably thinking MORE shoes! Well only two more pair, the ones on the right are already in my closet, but the ones are the left were delivered yesterday. (And I have two more pair coming tomorrow...shhh!) The shoes on the left are from GoJane and on the right Spotted Moth
A quick Instax shot of me and Trix before heading out to brunch over the weekend.

Annnnd....yep...khaki overalls. Another piece of clothing I got while out shopping at thrift stores. I just had to have them. I figured it's a small step up from wearing PJ's all the time at home. And that's my fancy iPhone cover. It's the closet thing I'll get to having a black cat...since my other half said I can't adopt anymore cats!

Lastly, the allusive Charlie girl, she doesn't look like it but she is extremely comfortable. She didn't move from this position for over an hour. 

Okay, that's it, sorry to over load you on photos. I just took so many this week! 

A big thank you to Paige for sending me Gary, I love him, and he brightens up my bookshelf!

 Did you find any great treasures this week while shopping? What did you get??

Talk to you soon!!

  1. Dear Jenna, can I come thrifting with you in Florida? You got some AMAZING things! and taxes are so stressful.

  2. I love that teapot!!! That's amazing!!

    I'm glad you have a unicorn to protect your books. I want a unicorn for my birthday. A real one. If narwhals are real, I'm still holding out hope for unicorns. ;)

  3. What the heck? I did comment on this post, Jenna! But I guess it was never published! :( I said something like I need to get out of my PJs, too, hehe. And other things I can't remember :/ ... Oh, yes, the teapot! It's amazing! As well as the shoes *drooling* :P

  4. aww so adorable! I love how cats always get in the weirdest looking positions but are somehow so comfortable. Love that old suitcase & hat, lucky finds on this all! Enjoy the rest of your weekend : )

  5. i think the overalls look really cute on you!!


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