What I Wore - *Lovin' Red* (and a peek at my thrifting scores!)

Hey everyone!! 

Before I forget I'm on instagram now!! I got myself a very cheap 3G iPhone and I'm finally getting used to it. I'm SewSavoirFaire on instagram!

I took advantage of my other half being off on Sunday and we went out and about on a little thrifting adventure. (He loathes it...but puts up with it because I love it.) 

I also listed a couple items in the shop, one being the ascot dress I mentioned on Friday, I have to hold off listing too many things at once!

So before I get to the outfit photos I wanted to share all the fabulous clothing items while we were out thrift shopping. 

Skirts GALORE!! The lady at the counter was like - "So you're not afraid of color are you" - Duh! 4 skirts, 2 dresses, and that AMAZING crocheted cardigan that still had the tags & I got it for 5 bucks!!

I swooned for real when I found this vintage nightgown. It screams Sandra Dee <3 I just wonder if I should keep it or list it! I may just keep it hanging in the window because it's soooo pretty!

Okay, now to share the actual outfit post!

This is one of my favorite dresses from Eshakti it was actually on one of my past Friday Finds I eventually made it mine! The hearts are so fun and a red and black color combo is always fun. I had forgotten about this set of photos (they were only taken about 2 weeks ago) until I was making my new banner! This one almost slipped through the cracks. 

Wears Head to Toe -

Cardigan - Target (I've had it for years!)
Glasses - ZenniOptical
Dress - EShakti (the bow is part of the dress not a belt!)

*Make sure to stop by tomorrow to see the NON-clothing thrift finds from the weekend AND if you were ever curious what my closet looks like...I'll be posting photos of it tomorrow...because it will give me a reason to get it organized : )*

If you have an instagram let me know what it is so I can follow!

Talk to you soon!

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