Fabulous Friday Finds - Here's hoping my refund gets here soon

Hello lovelies!! 

It's here again, Friday that is, well that and tax season. I am anxiously awaiting my tax refund so I can pay a large chunk of a credit card off...that and I really need to get a better way to hold my shoes!! Because the bookshelves aren't working...it doesn't help that my closet is just awful!!

On another note, finally I have a search bar again on Pinterest, so I can include some things from there today! Did anyone else have that issue?

Whatcha got going on for this weekend? 
I'm pet sitting Griffin and Bella again...I'm going to try to get a much better photo of the Ol' Giant Griffin this time!!

Pinterest - Well these are just divine...now if only I could track down some birdcages that don't cost and arm and a leg!

Pinterest - Swooooon!! If I had a ceiling tall enough for even 3 mirrors like this I would try it. So so pretty!

Pinterest - Seriously?? I NEED this!!! 

Pinterest - What a great idea!! I've never even considered this simple fix for boots!

May the Odds Be in Your Favor Bracelet - So I finished the first book in the Hunger Games series. And...I'm obsessed. Two more to go! And needless to say...if you're a HG fan...chances are good you will like this beauty!

Any pins you are loving this week? What is your name on pinterest?? I'd love to check out your boards! (You can find me over there on the right hand side - look for the roses!)

Talk to you soon!

  1. Hehe love your pinterest finds especially the bird cages! Have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  2. The closets in our house are terrible too. The one in the master bedroom is a joke. I dream of someday being able to reno those rooms just a little so I can have a closet fit for a person with more than 3 shirts.

  3. I love the bird cages and the kitty stapler! And, God, I'm so addicted to Pinterest! It's saving soo much space in my computer ;).

    Happy Sunday, sweet Jenna! ;D

  4. Having an unorganized closet can be so frustrating...that's how mine is right now! I really want some of those nifty shoe hangers.

  5. Darn it, I really need to start reading Hunger Games!!!

    I'm on pinterest but I don't really use it to its full advantage. I only really use it once in a while and then I can spend a whole day on it, so I tend to try and stay away. I think my pinterst name is my full name. Not sure. I'll just start following you first, that always makes things easier :)

  6. I just discovered my name on Pinterest is Mitanika. There you go, I started following you. And totally started pinning your pictures!


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