Mani Monday - Color Club - The Uptown

Good morning polish lovers...
(and maybe some beginning polish fans and of course the people who didn't mean to click on a polish post!)

Recently Color Club released their Fall 2013 collection dubbed the Girl About Town Collection.

The real show stopper of this collection is the namesake polish - The Uptown.

I regret to inform you that while this polish is knock you on your butt's hard as all get out to get a clear photo of.

There are SO many color variations to this beauty...I tried my best to capture as many as I could but that led to some blurry photos. Please forgive me for that! I blame it all on the polish.

***Also please note that the base of this polish is purple and the "glitters" are a part of the polish not so much an addition TO the polish so any normal glitter polish issues do not happen here***

Commence with the photos!!


The legitimate non-blurry shot

Color variations - aka blurry -

As you can see without even a close up bottle's packed FULL of colors.

Hello blurry (but pretty) thumbnail polish...but you can see how the polish can become very rich and dark.

BAM! Check that out. Blues, purples, yellows, greens, pinks...come on!


Below are two different macro shots and bottle shots to highlight the different colors -



Look at those specs of orange and yellow!

Formula - 4/5 -
Due to the immense amount of color and glitters in this it's a little thick but nothing to be upset about. I could've thinned it out but it was still totally workable.
Drying time - 4/5 -
Relatively speedy - a pretty quick mani since I didn't have to wait long between coats
Opacity - 3/5 -
This mani took 3 coats - since it's not a crème and the base color isn't super opaque because if it was it wouldn't give all the glitters as much life as they have.
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
SUPER and fabulously intense. Perfection. Don't wear this if you don't want your paws to be noticed!


So what do you think? It's pretty snazzy isn't it?
If you get one color from this collection...yeah I'd recommend this one.

Thrifty Tip -
Do yourself a favor and check ebay for this beauty - you can get it for less than 6 bucks! 

Talk soon!

Things I Fancy Friday - Keiko, Danson, Dalmations...and some Timberlake

Hey hey hey!

Who else is thrilled it's Friday??

It's a double-edged sword week aka pay day aka giving all my money to bills day.

Even though it may not be the most fiscally responsible...each pay day I do buy myself a little something...because dammit I deserve it! Anyone else do this?'s time.


Ted Danson and all things Ted Danson. 
My friend Esther said it best...Ted Danson Fandom is in order! Who else loves him in CSI? 
And that hair! Love the white hair.


TheBalm had a HUGE flash sale on Wednesday. It was chaos I tell ya. Site crashes. Endless loops when trying to check out. Gateway errors. The whole shebang of huge amounts of traffic. Did you partake in the sale? Did you make it out alive??


All things Keiko but more specifically this shadow tutorial she posted recently.


If you've spent any time online in the past 2 days or if you watch Jimmy Fallon...I'm sure you've seen this but I can't get enough of these two together!


I need these cookies in my belly...ASAP.


YOU GUYS...this's the cutest dress I ever did see. 
PS - if you are new to Modcloth (or have an email you haven't registered with them yet) you can get 20 dollars towards your first purchase with this link!


You still with me? Did you make it through all of that? I swear all my Friday posts make me want to do is shop and watch TV...and eat. A girl can dream!

**Until next time**

(come by Monday for a review of Color Club The Uptown - so much sparkle you won't know what to do with yourself)

Mani Monday - Above the Curve (ATC) - Husbands Just Don't Understand

Good morning!

How was your weekend?
You know that incredibly short amount of time you're supposed to cram in rest, errands, and everything else in between.
We threw a surprise party for my step dad and we had family in town that we had to hide from my stepfather! So I was tasked with keeping them entertained until the party. This was the first time I was a large part of a surprise party. From the "hiding" of the family in town to the decorating of the entire place to corralling all the guests together to prepare for the big surprise!

I'm just thrilled that my stepdad was surprised! It was so exciting to see his face.

So I'm exhausted and worn out but it was worth it. But I am ready for another weekend ASAP!


Today I have to share the most beautiful teal I have on my shelf.

Above the Curve is an awesome indie company. They are very engaged with their customers and actually respond to messages on Facebook! Sometimes it's hit or miss when contacting big or small companies via facebook message.

They are a husband and wife team (which makes the name of this polish even better) and a donation of $1 for each bottle sold is donated to Shriners Children's Hospital - if you want to know more about their story check their About Us section out.

So not only did I need want this polish due to the name of it...the color is beautiful and I had to have it on my nails ASAP!


Above the Curve - Husbands Just Don't Understand

This photo and the next photo are a little blurry so I could get the depth of color

Bottle shot

So much pretty in this polish! The light picks up the most gorgeous yellow, green, and blue bits.

If you follow my Instagram you've seen this!

I have good and bad news. Right now the polish is sold out but they will be restocking this beauty on Friday! I may be getting myself a back up bottle!


Formula - 4/5 -
This polish is on the thicker side but it wasn't an issue. It wasn't goopy or anything it just didn't require more than one coat really. It's best to do a really thin first coat and then a normal second coat that way you can get a nice deep dark teal without it being too thick.
Drying time - 4/5 -
I had no issue with dry time. It was ready for a top coat after my second coat.
Opacity - 5/5 -
You won't see any visible nail line with this baby!
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
Rich rich rich! This is a show stopper. I can say that honestly as I had numerous people gush over it when I was wearing it.
Wear Time - 5/5 -
I wore this for 2 days without any tip wear issues or chipping. I'm sure I could've gotten another day or two of out if...if I didn't obsessively change my polish. 

Things I Fancy Friday - Fall TV Shows, Sam and Dean, and pretty things

Hellooooo ladies!
(In my head that was in Mrs. Doubtfire's there's that)

I had an awesome post planned for Wednesday...THEN...I got hit with some vertigo issues late Tuesday night. I fell asleep on the couch then woke up and the room was spinning. Wednesday morning it hadn't improved so I was a bit out of commission and typing up the post and taking photos fell to the bottom of the priority list.

But I'm feeling better long as I don't turn my head to quickly.

Fancy Finds time people!!
(Okay they aren't normally all that fancy...but ya' know...I fancy them)


Eternal Girl has such special and unique items in her shop! I snagged this one but had such a hard time choosing! I will be a repeat customer!

Mentality Polish has such fabulous polish! I have quite the stash of polish from Mentality and have nothing but good things to say about the quality and the customer service. They're having a birthday sale this month! Receive 20% off your order of $30 or more with code MENTALITY. Even better...they always offer free shipping! This beauty is on the top of my 'to buy' list!. 

Speaking of hair...

I have been growing my hair out since my wedding in March because all I wanted in the world was to wear a high bun - but as it turns out...I HATE long hair. It's grown A LOT since March but come's time to chop chop!

THERE ARE SO MANY NEW FALL SHOWS! Okay...I'm calm...I just love television but my DVR does not because I have to keep deleting things so I can make room for more series to record. Apparently you can only have 50 shows set to record...whatever! Okay so The Vampire Diaries isn't new but I'm so ready for the next season to begin! What shows are you looking forward to?

PS - My husband and I watched the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it was super funny...I hope it stays on the air!
Yes Sam...I concur...yay TV!


Another TIFF has come and gone...all it has made me want to do is shop and watch TV...mission accomplished.

Talk to you soon!

Mani Monday - Pahlish - Moats, Boats, and Waterfalls

Good morning gals!

I want to start off by saying sorry I only posted my Duck Dynasty mani then I went MIA! The week got away from me. I'm gonna blame it on the fact I had Friday off so my day-to-day mental calendar got all thrown off! 

How was your weekend? I had a to-do list that I failed to complete any items!! Oh well. I was thankful to have the  opportunity to do nothing.

Today I have for you a little review of a polish from Pahlish! Now I admit I change my polish almost every day...hey I have a lot of polish...but when this baby was on my nails I knew it would stay awhile. It's the most stunning polish I've every used!!
Take a gander of the goods!

It wasn't a "must" to use an undie for this polish but I just played into the turquoise base of the polish by adding more blue under it.

To see swatches of the polish without the blue China Glaze undie (Blue Sparrow) you can check the Pahlish website.

The prettiest polish there ever was! I've gotten nothing but compliments on this since painting my paws with it on Saturday.

 The blurry photos were hard to avoid. My nails were so shiny and glitter-fied that my camera had a hard time focusing.

Macro of polish in the bottle

The best capture of how beautiful the polish is.

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen this photo so sorry for the duplicate!

So to summarize -

Formula - 5/5 -
 I had no issues with this glitter polish which says a lot. It wasn't too thick and it wasn't runny. It was easy as pie getting all the different size glitters on the nail.
Drying time - 4/5 -
This dried fast but not TOO fast. If glitters needed to be moved it wouldn't be impossible.
Opacity - 4/5 -
This will come to full opacity in 2-3 coats without an undie. It all depends on how dark you want it and how much glitter you want.
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
Absolutely stunning. In the bottle and on the nail. A must have in my book. I may even get a back up!

Top coat used - HK Girl top coat


So that's it! Mani review numero dos for the books!

Do you have any Pahlish? If so, what colors do you have? What's your personal favorite?

Does anyone know where the name for this polish comes from? Major brownie points if you do!

Mani Monday - Duck Dynasty

Hey there ladies!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Did you get a chance to wind down?

Saturday I did a very special manicure in honor of Duck Dynasty, or more specifically, Jase Robertson.

My husband and I went to see Jase speak at a local church up the road from our house. I was so excited when I checked the schedule on the Duck Commander website and saw he would be here!

I didn't want to do a camo mani...I wanted to do a camo-inspired manicure. And quite honestly I think I did a spot on job!

Have any of you gotten a chance to see any of the Robertsons' speak at any event?
I learned a lot about the family, some things were funny and some information Jase shared was very personal, and that made me appreciate the realness of the family even more!

So enough about that...nail time!

Good ol' can't go wrong with any Zoya if you ask me. Perfect formula as always.

Florence is described as a classic camel crème - it is perfect for nail art or a nude toned mani - slight streaky since it's a crème but levels out well with a top coat.

Candace is described as a golden chocolate microglitter - perfect formula and absoultely stunning in person! A must have for fall.

If you haven't tried HK Girl top coat I HIGHLY recommend if you love some serious shine.

Up close and personal with Candace.

My polka dot camo inspired mani - it'll go down as one of my favorites!


Last but not least...a little collage of the event.
 You'll have to excuse the low quality...we weren't close enough to get super clear photos. But you get the idea :) 

 Until next time....

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