Mani Monday - Duck Dynasty

Hey there ladies!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Did you get a chance to wind down?

Saturday I did a very special manicure in honor of Duck Dynasty, or more specifically, Jase Robertson.

My husband and I went to see Jase speak at a local church up the road from our house. I was so excited when I checked the schedule on the Duck Commander website and saw he would be here!

I didn't want to do a camo mani...I wanted to do a camo-inspired manicure. And quite honestly I think I did a spot on job!

Have any of you gotten a chance to see any of the Robertsons' speak at any event?
I learned a lot about the family, some things were funny and some information Jase shared was very personal, and that made me appreciate the realness of the family even more!

So enough about that...nail time!

Good ol' can't go wrong with any Zoya if you ask me. Perfect formula as always.

Florence is described as a classic camel crème - it is perfect for nail art or a nude toned mani - slight streaky since it's a crème but levels out well with a top coat.

Candace is described as a golden chocolate microglitter - perfect formula and absoultely stunning in person! A must have for fall.

If you haven't tried HK Girl top coat I HIGHLY recommend if you love some serious shine.

Up close and personal with Candace.

My polka dot camo inspired mani - it'll go down as one of my favorites!


Last but not least...a little collage of the event.
 You'll have to excuse the low quality...we weren't close enough to get super clear photos. But you get the idea :) 

 Until next time....

  1. Gorgeous! I really love it! I also love that you got to go to a Duck Dynasty event :)!


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