Mani Monday - Above the Curve (ATC) - Husbands Just Don't Understand

Good morning!

How was your weekend?
You know that incredibly short amount of time you're supposed to cram in rest, errands, and everything else in between.
We threw a surprise party for my step dad and we had family in town that we had to hide from my stepfather! So I was tasked with keeping them entertained until the party. This was the first time I was a large part of a surprise party. From the "hiding" of the family in town to the decorating of the entire place to corralling all the guests together to prepare for the big surprise!

I'm just thrilled that my stepdad was surprised! It was so exciting to see his face.

So I'm exhausted and worn out but it was worth it. But I am ready for another weekend ASAP!


Today I have to share the most beautiful teal I have on my shelf.

Above the Curve is an awesome indie company. They are very engaged with their customers and actually respond to messages on Facebook! Sometimes it's hit or miss when contacting big or small companies via facebook message.

They are a husband and wife team (which makes the name of this polish even better) and a donation of $1 for each bottle sold is donated to Shriners Children's Hospital - if you want to know more about their story check their About Us section out.

So not only did I need want this polish due to the name of it...the color is beautiful and I had to have it on my nails ASAP!


Above the Curve - Husbands Just Don't Understand

This photo and the next photo are a little blurry so I could get the depth of color

Bottle shot

So much pretty in this polish! The light picks up the most gorgeous yellow, green, and blue bits.

If you follow my Instagram you've seen this!

I have good and bad news. Right now the polish is sold out but they will be restocking this beauty on Friday! I may be getting myself a back up bottle!


Formula - 4/5 -
This polish is on the thicker side but it wasn't an issue. It wasn't goopy or anything it just didn't require more than one coat really. It's best to do a really thin first coat and then a normal second coat that way you can get a nice deep dark teal without it being too thick.
Drying time - 4/5 -
I had no issue with dry time. It was ready for a top coat after my second coat.
Opacity - 5/5 -
You won't see any visible nail line with this baby!
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
Rich rich rich! This is a show stopper. I can say that honestly as I had numerous people gush over it when I was wearing it.
Wear Time - 5/5 -
I wore this for 2 days without any tip wear issues or chipping. I'm sure I could've gotten another day or two of out if...if I didn't obsessively change my polish. 

  1. Thank you,Family is the greatest gift we get in life.We wish you many years of happines and joy.Shawn and Angel


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