Mani Monday - Color Club - The Uptown

Good morning polish lovers...
(and maybe some beginning polish fans and of course the people who didn't mean to click on a polish post!)

Recently Color Club released their Fall 2013 collection dubbed the Girl About Town Collection.

The real show stopper of this collection is the namesake polish - The Uptown.

I regret to inform you that while this polish is knock you on your butt's hard as all get out to get a clear photo of.

There are SO many color variations to this beauty...I tried my best to capture as many as I could but that led to some blurry photos. Please forgive me for that! I blame it all on the polish.

***Also please note that the base of this polish is purple and the "glitters" are a part of the polish not so much an addition TO the polish so any normal glitter polish issues do not happen here***

Commence with the photos!!


The legitimate non-blurry shot

Color variations - aka blurry -

As you can see without even a close up bottle's packed FULL of colors.

Hello blurry (but pretty) thumbnail polish...but you can see how the polish can become very rich and dark.

BAM! Check that out. Blues, purples, yellows, greens, pinks...come on!


Below are two different macro shots and bottle shots to highlight the different colors -



Look at those specs of orange and yellow!

Formula - 4/5 -
Due to the immense amount of color and glitters in this it's a little thick but nothing to be upset about. I could've thinned it out but it was still totally workable.
Drying time - 4/5 -
Relatively speedy - a pretty quick mani since I didn't have to wait long between coats
Opacity - 3/5 -
This mani took 3 coats - since it's not a crème and the base color isn't super opaque because if it was it wouldn't give all the glitters as much life as they have.
Color Intensity - 5/5 -
SUPER and fabulously intense. Perfection. Don't wear this if you don't want your paws to be noticed!


So what do you think? It's pretty snazzy isn't it?
If you get one color from this collection...yeah I'd recommend this one.

Thrifty Tip -
Do yourself a favor and check ebay for this beauty - you can get it for less than 6 bucks! 

Talk soon!
  1. What a cool nail varnish! I've never seen one like this before. You're so good at doing your nails ;), I suck ass at it, hehe.


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