Things I Fancy Friday - Duck Duck Duck, Mortal Instruments, and then some

Can you believe it?

A full "week" of posts! I'm getting a hang of this blogging thing again. I suppose it's like riding the proverbial bike.

What are your plans this weekend? 
I have a much needed hair appointment...brown roots on top of black hair...not cute.

Pet sitting for some kittens also. If you remember (though if you did I would be amazed) I posted about Bella and Griffin way back when here and fast forward 2 years and I'm still the pet sitter of choice. Woo woo!

Okay - blah blah blah - time for the finds I fancy for the week!


(Hot Topic has a big sale right now on MI merch!)


I cannot WAIT for The Vampire Diaries to start this October!! I have missed it so much...and The Originals will be premiering too!


This pretty kitty Venus. Though Venus isn't a new topic of interest around the net...she is so gorgeous and unique! Chimera or not chimera...she is quite the looker! And check out that blue eye! So rare for a tortie or any cat that isn't white or a Siamese!


This isn't restricted to just Friday..
Elevation Polish is one of my fave indie polish brands!


Everything and anything Duck Dynasty! I used to think how silly people were for loving this show...then I watched it...and I totally get it now. 


This amazing. I bought it on a whim from Ulta and now I don't think I could live without it. It's hard to explain how it feels and why it's so that makes me the least helpful person ever.

So with ALL of that being said...I leave you with these wise "words" from Phil.

See ya next week!

Random Wednesday - Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Good morning ladies!

I want to preface this post with...please forgive the poor quality photos. They were taken during my "getting ready" process so the light is awful in the bathroom and I was using my cell phone (amature move I know) rather than an actual camera.

Nonetheless, I still think I got the point across, hopefully!

No mascara

Application - Very different but not bad - You just have to get used to using a wand veritcal rather than horizontal.


Left - Mascara / Right - No mascara



SUPER after when I'm no longer wearing a night gown and wet hair. Also forgive my "mall bangs" I just couldn't get them NOT poofy today! Blarg.


In conclusion....

I think this mascara, while odd looking, works great.

It takes some (but not much) getting used to holding the "paint brush" like wand but I think you have more control over where you are placing the wand more so than when you use a basic mascara.

And...let's face it...the wand looks pretty nifty. Oh and it'll only set you back 10 bucks so I'd say it's worth it.

Will you try Avon Mega Effects? Or have you already? What do you think?

See ya Friday! 

New Inspirations - Nails! Nails! Nails!

Good morning ladies (and the gentleman aka my husband) -

How goes it in your world this Monday morning?

I wanted to let you guys in on a new type of post I'll be sharing (hopefully you like it...or can at least tolerate it!) with you guys.

In the past I never really shared any of my nail polish...because honestly I figured...who REALLY wants to see this besides me?

But, I mean, that the thing. I like to see it so maybe other people will to.

Keep in mind I am no pro (then again enjoy seeing non-pro nail bloggers because it makes me feel better about my level of skill!) and what I share will be pretty basic but I hope you still can find something you like seeing!

Now, at least for today, if you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen these but I figured this is the best way to "get my feet wet" in sharing photos of my nails and polish obsession hobby.

So without further...blah blah blah...nail polish!

Essie - Haute as Hello and LynBDesigns - Terribly Contagious

Elevation Polish - Toubkal

Zoya - Nidhi and China Glaze - Electrify

Mentality Nail Polish - Tough and Liqud Lacquer - Cherub

Elevation Polish - Muztagh Ata (pink) and Ave Secretan (blue)

That's it! What do you think? Something you can handle seeing once or twice a week?

Thanks for stopping by today

 ***No disclaimer here - there are no affiliate links nor was any of the polish featured given to me - everything you see I paid for!***

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