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Good morning ladies (and the gentleman aka my husband) -

How goes it in your world this Monday morning?

I wanted to let you guys in on a new type of post I'll be sharing (hopefully you like it...or can at least tolerate it!) with you guys.

In the past I never really shared any of my nail polish...because honestly I figured...who REALLY wants to see this besides me?

But, I mean, that the thing. I like to see it so maybe other people will to.

Keep in mind I am no pro (then again enjoy seeing non-pro nail bloggers because it makes me feel better about my level of skill!) and what I share will be pretty basic but I hope you still can find something you like seeing!

Now, at least for today, if you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen these but I figured this is the best way to "get my feet wet" in sharing photos of my nails and polish obsession hobby.

So without further...blah blah blah...nail polish!

Essie - Haute as Hello and LynBDesigns - Terribly Contagious

Elevation Polish - Toubkal

Zoya - Nidhi and China Glaze - Electrify

Mentality Nail Polish - Tough and Liqud Lacquer - Cherub

Elevation Polish - Muztagh Ata (pink) and Ave Secretan (blue)

That's it! What do you think? Something you can handle seeing once or twice a week?

Thanks for stopping by today

 ***No disclaimer here - there are no affiliate links nor was any of the polish featured given to me - everything you see I paid for!***

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