Things I Fancy Friday - It's All About the Ladies

Hey everyone! How goes it? Good, bad, fabulous?

My husband is going to get his hand (see my last post for details if you missed it) looked today and hopefully get his stiches taken out and hopefully get some good news about how it's healing. *crosses fingers*
I'm hoping for a quiet weekend after the chaos of last weekend!


I wanna start off by saying...I have a couple polish reviews coming up that are freaking fabulous. I hope you stop by here to check them out!

Okay so you may be wondering...what IS this post about??

I want to shine some light on some ladies that are just working it.

Yep that's the gist of it. Let's get to it.


Okay well this may be an obvious bit to include but I mean...who DOESN'T love Jennifer Lawrence? Well besides Joan Rivers of course. Every time Ms. Jennifer gives an interview or a sound get such a "real" feeling from her. It doesn't feel like thank you.

Freaking Kat Dennings. She's kicking ass and taking names on 2 Broke Girls nowadays but she had me at Charlie Bartlett and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. 
And Kat in the Thor movies...some of my fave scenes.
And...she's a cat lady. For realz.

Keiko...I swear that girl can do NO wrong. Which of course is why she is such a fierce lady on the blogosphere. She rocks fab frocks, can wear lipstick like no other, is a cat lady AND a dog lady, has the sweetest relationship with her fella. Seriously. Loves.

"source 1"                                                        "source" 2

Emma Watson is so damn chic and fabulous. She won us over as Hermione but totally kicked butt at showing the world how talented she is after Harry Potter was all said and done. Perks of Being a Wallflower...come on! She's gorgeous, humble, and so fierce.

If you know know I love some Jessica Lange. Talk about a powerhouse. The woman can do no wrong. And in my opinion...she makes every season of American Horror Story. Word on the street this is her last season and I hope to heavens that's not true! She sells me on every character she plays...hands of the best actors past/present/future.


Okay so a little departure from my normal Friday post but I hope you didn't mind!

There are some really fabulous ladies out there in the world of web and almost makes up for all the dreadful ones in the spot light!

I will see you Monday...come by for a review of another Aly's Dream Polish!!

  1. Love all of those ladies! And Jennifer Lawrence is seriously awesome.

  2. I love Jennifer Lawrence!!! Ah, just love her! (Also, my toddler is sitting right her with me and keeps going "meow, meow" every time I scroll to the top of your blog. hahahaha.)


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