Things I Fancy Friday - The Black Friday but not really Black Friday Edition

Hey everyone!

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you a non-meat eater like me and have meat eating family members making it a somewhat sparse Thanksgiving meal??

This year my mom and step dad were out of town so the above didn't happen so much...not like it can normally be with a lot more family in town. My husband was super accommodating to my non-meat eating self. 

Did you partake in any of the crazy Black Friday Madness? I never have and I don't think I have it in me to ever participate. I am an avid online shopper so the Black Friday online deals and the Cyber Monday deals are more my speed. 

So because today is technically Black Friday that's what I'm calling this edition of TIFF. Just cuz' it fits and because ANYTHING I share here is probably on sale for a steal of price.

But really...have you bought anything?? I wanna know what goodies you snagged!


Ugh...Urban Outfitters is dangerous for me. More so their website because they have more things on sale online that aren't on sale in store. These babies are divine...I LOVE a good pair of dramatic frames.

Another Urban find. I love love love "catch all" dishes and this one is perfection for obvious cat-like reasons. I was at the store last weekend and it was full price and online it's on sale!

Ideeli has SEYCHELLES for 12 dollars!! As I'm typing this there are only 2 left in red and 1 in silver so chances are slim there are any left. BUT if you are pining for a pair of Seychelles for an affordable price keep your eyes peeled on Ideeli because they are the main source for low priced Seychelles. At least from what I've seen. 

If you don't use Target's Cartwheel app you are missing out. I've saved 24 dollars in the last couple of months since I started using the app PLUS the 5% I save with my red card. A little bit goes a long way and you don't have to fuss with hard copies of coupons. You just add eligible items to your cartwheel then the cashier scans the bar code from your phone and BAM...savings.

E_Cell on ebay has some of the prettiest and hilarious cases. If you are looking to add more phone cases to your life...make sure to check these out first! 


See...I told you good deals! I hope if you are looking for Seychelles they still had one or two left in the size you need! 12 bucks is just nutty.

I will see you in a few days...I have a stunning polish to share with you on Monday!

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