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Hey guys!

Have you made it to Wednesday relatively unscathed?

Today I wanted to finally jump on the bandwagon of sharing what's in my bag. As we all know...that can change on a daily basis for us ladies...so as of last night this what was in my bag!

13 items...and one item that looks literally impossible to fit inside of my bag.


#5 - Fun fact. If you didn't already know...I'm a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed way back when. Like way back...13 months old. So I'm quickly approaching 29 years of being a diabetic. No matter how big or small the bag...this is in it.

#6 - It goes without saying that a woman with five cats should carry a lint roller with her.
#7 - And my new official "must have" for lip stick. This beauty came in the November "Modern Beauty" Box from Julep. It's a primer and "plumper" though the plumping action wasn't relavant to me getting it. If you wear a lot of dark or bright lipstick...a primer is a must!

#4 - My little feline has a birthday this month! She'll be the ripe old age of 2...if you're signed up with petsmart and have all the birthday info for your pet/s entered they get these on their birthday month!
#3 - And that's my wallet...my absolute favorite wallet I've used so far in my 29 years. Perfect size and has room for all the nonsense I need to put in my wallet. And...it looks like a book.

#10 - I have to say a big thank you to my friend Danielle who sent me the mini emery boards. They have saved me more than once since I've had them!
#11 - Oh look...more Julep. These pair of mini lipstick trios are fantastic to grab if you need to carry lipstick and don't want to worry about the cap popping off and disaster striking. These are separate from the rest of my lipstick in case I need to grab some lipstick fast.

That's Olive...playing with item #9

#8- I keep these with me at all times. I'm actually wearing the pair that aren't in the set in the photo right now. I, at some point, during the day need my hair out of my face. These are lifesavers.
#9 - Yeah that's my stele pen. Mortal Instruments forever!

#12 - More diabetic stuff...the literal life saver when my blood sugar is low. The bottle is so large but I refuse to be without them.
#13 - The end all be all of lip balm. I used Smith's Rose Balm years and years ago and will always have a container in my purse...and by my bed.I have the "sister" rosebud salve also.

#2 - The item that baffles people when they see it in person. Yeah it fits in my bag. ONLY because the bag has these amazing side zipper pockets that are the same size as the purse itself. Any other bag I have to make sure I can fit it in the main part of the purse. Do I NEED to carry that much lipstick...hell no. But it's my perogative to do so. Hey it's a relief to know I will never not have a lipstick color I want to wear. Inside you'll find...a vintage cosmetic mirror, liners, glosses, lipstick "crayons", and regular old tube lipstick.
PS - Olive thought she'd help by keeping it grounded (a strong breeze wouldn't even budge it)

So this isn't pictured above because I was taking photos with my phone...but I thought I'd share my current case. Thanks to Groupon I snagged this mint green beauty for 10 bucks and while it's not the most adorable thing in the world...it's amazing.

#1 - The bag. A pretty standard sized bag that is undoubtedly a Mary Poppins bag. It holds all my goodies and can still hold more! I wanted the navy also but alas it was snagged up before I could use my 25% off cartwheel coupon for it at Target. :-)

Oh look. Olive again. I'm pretty sure this captures how she felt after she witnessed what all was inside of my bag.


Do you have a What's In My Bag post? Link me to it if you do! I wanna see!

Make sure to swing by tomorrow for Things I Fancy Friday.
  1. Hey Jenna - My little sister is type 1 diabetic too. She was diagnosed at 12 years old. A lot of her classmates teased her. They said that only "fat people" were diabetic and she should quit eating so much. I think now that she's 15 most of her peers are starting to understand that it has nothing to do with her eating habits.

    1. I worked with a man whose daughter was diagnosed at age 7. Lots of adjustments had to be made for her & she was so good about it.

  2. You carry so much make-up with you, hahaha!

    I didn't know Julep made all kinds of make-up, I only knew their nail polishes.

    Speaking of bags, I have a big problem which is that I'm constantly switching purses depending on where we're going and there's always something I forget to switch, haha. I take a huge maxi bag to work (my co-workers don't get why I need such a big purse, but unlike 99% of Californians, I don't drive so I need to carry a bunch of stuff) that is kind of inappropriate for grocery shopping, so when we go to the store, I transfer the basics into a smaller one. I don't know why I said all that, haha.

    Happy birthday to sweet Olive! :p And have a fun weekend!


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