Things I Fancy Friday - My 300th Post! - Welcome to Fall Edition

Happy November 1st!
Can you believe it? It seems like it was just March and I was just getting I've been married for almost 8 months!
I thought I would share some fun and fabulous fall finds (yeah this post is perfect for alliterations) since today is day one of November and it's starting to feel like fall in Florida...starting to.

Sadly I don't have a fireplace nor do I need one really in Florida but this is ADORABLE...and now my guiding force in having a fireplace in my life.

My current favorite fall lipstick - Maybelline Blissful Berry - and these are SO smooth!

Are you kidding me with how gorgeous this wingback chair is?? Ugh. Love. I shake my fist at you Anthropologie for being so expensive!

Every stinkin' thing about this outfit...I wish I looked better in pants because I would wear the heck out of this.

This is SUCH a cute and yummy "candy corn" alternative snack. And SO easy too!


Are you feeling in the fall mood yet? When does it REALLY start to feel like fall to you?

I wore booties with my witch costume for Halloween yesterday and my feet were burning up because it's still in the 80's...luckily the evenings and mornings cool down enough to open the windows for a short while.

See you Monday!

  1. that huge scarf in the outfit photo!! i've been looking for a really ginormous scarf that i can hide in all winter. also love that chair! xxo


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