Mani Monday - SinfulShine - Mirror, Mirror

Good morning or afternoon/evening...whenever you pop in to see the goods here.

It's Monday so that means I will soon be en route to Orlando for work. And just as I anticipated I already miss my hubby and my five fancy felines. Here's hoping times flies the next day or so...

Let's get moving to something fabulous and vampy for the Halloween week.

I have Mirror, Mirror from the SinfulShine collection by Sinful Colors. You can snag this online (ebay/amazon) but you'll pay a little more for it. My advice is to stop by a Walgreens or two to see if they have it in stock. It's hit or miss.

SinfulShine differs from the regular Sinful Colors line of polish because it has Gel Tech technology giving a a crazy pretty shine right off the top coat needed...unless you're like me and can't NOT put on a top coat.

It's photo time. This has so much depth of color to it.

What you see in the bottle is pretty spot on to what ends up on your nail which is nice because that's not always the case with polish.

Blurry mirror...whoops.

You can see in these two photos how dark the polish can appear depending on the lighting. It goes from a rich burgundy to a show stopper blood red burgundy.

Two macros of this beauty to show a close up shot of both variations of color. The dark red burgundy and the lighter burgundy. 


Whew! Now I just want to put this polish back on...I think I will this week :)

If I don't talk to you on Wednesday I will for sure be back on Friday with a Things I Fancy post!

  1. I love both shades - burgundy is a real favorite of mine. Have a good work trip!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines


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