Mani Monday - Holo Deck by Gothic Gala - Geordi and The Enterprise

Hey guys!

First I want to give a shout out (I don't think I'm hip enough to use the phrase shout out but here it goes) to my husband for winning his poster session in the poster segment of the seminar in Gainesville over the weekend! You did such a great job babe!

PS - I was in Gainesville all weekend.


Today I cannot wait to share with you the goods from from Gothic Gala.

I have two of the five colors from her Holo Deck Collection that is inspired by the one and only Star Trek.

They are divine...I'm still wearing one of them now! 

I also want to share her super cute packaging! It was so exciting opening my goodies from Gothic Gala because of how she so carefully packs her orders.

Ready? Let's begin....

You guys...the polish is in a bed of confetti fun. Enough said. Oh she also includes a handmade lollipop with each other BUT...yeah I ate that. 


First up on deck...Geordi.

Geordi has the beautiful shimmer and is the PERFECT yellow for fall. It's a creme but with the shimmer it gives it a lot more flare than with your run of the mill yellow. Application was easy peasy and I wore it for 2 days without any tip wear or chipping.

It is such a dynamic shade of yellow that has a little bit of an orange hue to it so it's not straight up yellow.

See that shimmer? My camera was being a troublemaker as it was having a hard time capturing said shimmer. You see the more orange leaning hue here.

And the more yellow leaning hue here. Both of which are fabulous.


As you can see it's a subtle...not in your face shimmer. They look more like they're a part of the base polish rather than added TO the polish which is nice.

No bottle shot as I forgot to take the photo...whoops. So just use your imagination!


Last but not least on deck...The Enterprise.

The Enterprise is a beautiful shade of grey. I have a lot of grey polish but if I had to choose one to keep it would be this one. It's shiny and has a lot of character not like your average grey. It's a holographic polish with little bits of blue flecks to really pump up the volume on it. This is the one I'm still wearing...and I love it.

I blurred this one purposely...believe it or you could see the pretty holo that covers the nail.

Swoon you see all that lovely blue? It really adds a lot but doesn't take away from the grey in the slightest.

Here is a darker version...inside the polish is obviously a little darker than when you're in direct light like the above. It's SO gorgeous!

Bottle shots - you can see the gorgeous holo AND the blue flecks of color. 

This is my favorite shot...this is REALLY what it looks like. Do you see how the blue flecks really give it a special look in addition to the holo? Ugh...I love it. The sparkle makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Aren't they just fabulous? I also want to point out how much I LOVE the bottles Gothic Gala uses...they are my favorite shape. 


In conclusion -

Whether your're a fan of Star Trek or a fan of fabulous polish you must go and pick up at least one!
There are three other gorgeous polishes available in addition to these - There is a blue (Crusher), Red (Picard...duh), and lastly a green (It's Green, Sir)

Check out her shop and stay up to date on sales and new colors by "liking" the oh so informative FB page

A little birdie told me there is a sale going get the code make sure you click the link above to the FB page! As a matter of fact...I may need to snag a couple more to add to my set!

*one polish provided for a review and honest opinion*

I LOVE reading your comments, it brings a smile to my face, you lovelies are the best! If you have a question or comment and have your email linked to your blogger I will without fail respond!

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