Mani Monday - Jade - Echarpe de Seda - Special Glitz

Good morning ladies (and gents aka my husband) -

So my Things I Fancy Friday post was scheduled to post so I thought BUT to my did not.

Such are the pros and cons of relying on the internet!

Anywho...this week I have THE prettiest red I have ever used. It's true. So true that I kept this polish on for 3 days which is pretty record breaking for me.

I'd also liked to point out that I took these photos on DAY THREE! Imagine how gorgeous it was on day one.

Jade is a brand based out of Brazil but you can find them for sale on Ninja Polish and Llarowe - I snagged this one in a swap with a polish friend :)


It's the perfect red.

Perfect formula.

AND has shine all on it's own with or without a top coat
(I do have a top coat on here - HK Girl)

Don't let the burgundy that you see - it is REALLY red on the nail.

Depending on the lighting...this polish can be a darker or lighter red. Both are beauties.

It's more of a jelly polish which is where the shine comes from.

Bottle shot.

Swoon city macro.

The goods.

So that's it. Whatcha think?
Have you tried Jade polish before? If not do you think you will?
Formula - 5/5
Easy to apply and lasts!
Opaque - 4/5
It is a jelly so you'll need 2 coats to make it opaque
Color - 5/5
So rich and so shiny.
Talk to you soon!

  1. This color is absolutely gorgeous! Your nails look perfect!


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