Zoya Review and Swatches - NYX - Pixiedust

Hello friends!

After our little mid-week coffee break yesterday I'm back with more polish!

Today I thought I would share a beauty from good ol' Zoya!

This will wrap up the posts for this week but make sure to tune in next week because I have an exciting new collection to share with you!

**Three thin coats - one coat of HK Girl Top Coat - a second coat of top coat will make this completely smooth - as you can see with one coat it still has a little texture - the formula was nice and easy with lovely application**

Pretty dreamy eh? This is such a soft hue but the glittery bits in it pack a punch!

You can let this dry and not add a top coat for the textured pixiedust look or pop on a top coat for that shine!

See you next week!

That Gal...signing off!!

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Crowns, Lavender Lemonade, and Narwhals

Happy Mid-Week Coffee Break friends!

I found some super cute and fabulous finds for this week!

Also...the coffee mug.

So let's get this coffee break started shall we?

In honor of my current favorite commercial, yep the Sprint one with the dancing narwhals, here is a mug with a narwhal.

Holy cow...these wall decals are amazing!

This adorable and colorful pillow

Holy crap...this lighting fixture...amazing.

How freaking beautiful is this concoction? 

So small..so delicious

See ya tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!

Love, Angeline Review and Swatches - Haunted

Hey guys!

So yesterday I shared a somewhat "throwback" polish from Above the Curve. 
Today I have another throwback from Love, Angeline!

This polish isn't for sale anymore, not directly from the Love, Angeline shop, but I found mine in a destash. So they are out there if you look!

Now let's take a look at this oh so rich and lovely polish!

**Two coats - topped with HK Girl Top Coat - lovely formula and application. This is such a beautiful olive leaning brown with the perfect addition of holo goodness**
**direct (morning) sunlight**

Where to find Love, Angeline - 

There are so many pretty polishes in the shop! 

Also make sure to join the FB Fan Group for lots of fab things and exclusive info to the group!

That Gal...signing off!!

Above the Curve Review and Swatches - Caty Perry-Winkle

Hey everyone!

Is anyone else exhausted from staying up to watch The Oscars?? I stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel also....yep...late night.

I'm more of an old soul when it comes to style so most of the style choices weren't up my alley. The gowns I loved were worn by Cate Blanchett and Chloe Moretz. So lovely and elegant!

So today I have an oldie but a goodie from Above the Curve! A little nod to the spring weather that I know so many people are ready for!

**two coats with HK Girl Top Coat - nice application and formula - soft holo - lovely and soft periwinkle**
**a sad attempt at sunlight - it's more of a natural light photo with slight sun!**

Where to find Above the Curve -

Have you snagged yourself any Above the Curve?

That Gal...signing off!!

Misa Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Lash Out

Hello there my friends!

So recently I noticed Misa started an IG account which is what prompted me to reach into my untried helmer and pull out one of the Misa polishes I own!

I don't know what took me so long to use this beauty...I've had it since December of 2013!

Fun fact - Lash Out is part of the Blink of an Eye 2013 Collection

**Three thin coats - dries to a satin finish - one coat of HK Girl Top Coat - slightly patchy formula but evens out nicely**

Crazy pretty right?

It's this beautiful mix of emerald and blue. I loves it!

Do you own any Misa?

Where to find Misa Cosmetics -

That Gal...signing off!!

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Patchwork, Sake, and DIY

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed my post yesterday. Time just got away from me! I don't normally have a stock pile of photos ready to post so my posts are normally based upon polish I'm wearing the day before or the day of my posts!

But I do have some finds to share with you today for the coffee break this week!


This pretzel cart (spotted in NYC) is so darn cute!

These patchwork tiles used for a back splash are so dreamy!

This DIY Murphy Desk is such a neat idea!


Grapefruit, Ginger, and Lemongrass Sake Cocktails...oh so lovely and delicious.

I hope you enjoyed the finds this week!

That Gal...signing off!!

Bear Pawlish Review and Swatches - Kimi Gimme Gimme

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? Are you as excited about clearance Valentine's Day candy as I am?

So today I have an oldie but a goodie for you from Bear Pawlish.

The bottles have since changed to rectangular and I can't find this beauty on the website anymore! I don't think it's been discontinued but it may have been. Soooo....sorry for sharing this beauty...I should have done my research before taking the photos!

Anywho...photo time!

Kimi Gimme Gimme
Gold/silver holo with flecks of blue microglitter and pink glow
**three coats topped with HK Girl Top Coat - no issues with formula or application**
*I didn't have access to the sun so here is a photo taken with the flash*

Where to find Bear Pawlish -

This was such a surprise. I thought it was going to be pretty basic but it had so much oomph when I wore it! The flecks and pinkish flame really made this beauty lean silver or gold depending on lighting. No matter the lighting it is so stunning! A super amped up neutral!

That Gal...signing off!

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