Zoya Review and Swatches - NYX - Pixiedust

Hello friends!

After our little mid-week coffee break yesterday I'm back with more polish!

Today I thought I would share a beauty from good ol' Zoya!

This will wrap up the posts for this week but make sure to tune in next week because I have an exciting new collection to share with you!

**Three thin coats - one coat of HK Girl Top Coat - a second coat of top coat will make this completely smooth - as you can see with one coat it still has a little texture - the formula was nice and easy with lovely application**

Pretty dreamy eh? This is such a soft hue but the glittery bits in it pack a punch!

You can let this dry and not add a top coat for the textured pixiedust look or pop on a top coat for that shine!

See you next week!

That Gal...signing off!!

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