Mid-Week Coffee Break - Apple on the Rocks, Gooey Cookies, and Confetti

It's that time of the week again!

Time to take a coffee break and look at some fun and fancy finds from that big ol' internet.

I am obsessed with this weeks featured mug!! This one's for you Gilmore Girls fans!

Oh! Also, I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday, and if you missed it click here to see all the pretty!

Now...let's get to it!

Come on...this is everything.

Well this is a need...obviously.

Oh my goodness...this is genius! Re-purposed drawers to make this mid-century modern table! 

This wouldn't really work on my current bod but my wedding weight self would totally rock this...it's so prim but sassy!

These wouldn't be my husbands favorite cookie because he likes crunchy cookies but these are totally my kind of cookie!

You guys...Apple Pie on the Rocks. I love how rustic this photo is...it's like Mad Men meets farmers.

I will see ya tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!

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