Ahhh...Mid-Week Tranquility...

Man oh man...MWT came just in time...it's been kinda hectic to say the least. 

I'm happy to report that I officially can watch TV now! Yaaaay! Direct TV got us all hooked up and I'm in the process of attempting to recall what I need to record for the upcoming new fall season line up!

The must haves -

-Dexter (not until 10/2...so far away!!)
-Vampire Diaries (oh how I've missed you so!)
-Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I love Charlie in big screen movies but I miss ASIP!)
-Parks and Recreation (I'm all caught...thank you Netflix...now let's get the season started!)

That list could go on...for awhile...so I'll stop there. What show/s are you excited about starting back up again? Anything I should make sure to check out?

Now...it's time to commence relaxation...

Just give me a book and a glass of wine and I'll be good to go! 

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Black and Blueberry Tights*

Hey lovelies!!

I should tell you that you may notice a trend of outfits that may be more along the lines of office-wear. Well that's because I'm in the office 5 days out of the week...but have no fear I have always given my best effort to liven up the "business casual"...hopefully!

*Also, this is probably the last "what I wore" for this week, I promise NOT to bore you with my clothing details too often! I may feature a far more fun and non-work related WIW post this weekend!*

I've had this dress for years and it's always been a good staple in my work wardrobe. It's got a vintage flair to it with the fit and the details.

Oh deep blue tights...how I love thee...you bring a fun pop of unexpected color to the dress!

Even though my jewelry collection grows...sometimes weekly...these are still one of my absolute favorites! The mushrooms and colors are dreamy and I love the tear drop shape.

Love. A pseudo-suede pair of wedges...yes please.

Wears from Head to Toe -

Earrings - Anomaly (small boutique in historic 5 Points in Jax...no longer open for business - sad face!)
Dress - Target
Tights - Happy Socks
Shoes - Urban OG

What I Wore - *Navy Girl...and her cat*

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the first installment of What I Wore...well it's kinda like installment two because I did a post awhile back but I guess this is the first "official" post. 

Anyway! Time for the goods...well I think they're good anyway.

I picked up this dress from none other than, the lovely Paper Sparrow, she was purging things from her closet and was lucky enough to get a few adorable dresses.

This one is my fave, I just love the lace-esque collar detail, and the tailored but still fun cut of the dress. Also, it looks black but it's navy blue and my tights are black!

Whoops...the camera was ready...I wasn't!

Every time I see these shoes I love em' even more...not just because they were cheap on the wallet!

I got these cute little sea blue earrings over a year ago and they are still one of my simple and sweet low key go to earrings.

There's my Trixie girl! PS - take a look at the sleeve cuffs...how cute are they?

Wears from Head to Toe -

Dress - Paper Sparrow
Earrings - Chewlry
Tights - Happy Socks
Shoes - UrbanOG

Ta Da!! That's it for this post! 

Talk to you soon!

Another Weekend Winding Down...

Just to let everyone know, I swear I did more than watch TV today, mostly because I couldn't get my stupid internet to work so I couldn't watch any Netflix streaming. Maybe that was my cue to be productive.

Let's review -  

- I swiffered the whole downstairs AND wet swiffered! It smells all freshly mopped which is nice. 
 - I finally unpacked everything that needed to be in the dresser
- I unpacked and loaded up our banquette that holds the seemingly countless DVD's
- I did a much needed loaded of laundry (let me tell you how amazing it is to have a washer that is made to do large capacity loads!)

Now we are waiting for Direct TV to come by and attempt for a 2nd time to give us cable!! 
Let's just say my outlook is not positive, not until there are some results!

I wanted to close out the weekend by sharing a few photos of my little gremlions (they were taken with my cell so the quality is lacking) -

Lots of good sleeping action happening here from Trix. They made a little kitty triangle. (You can see a tiny bit of one side of my closet...shoes!

 Ah to be a cat..all cozy and in bed...all day long!

This is my favorite...my little tiny Trixie girl smushed up next to Penelope. <3

See you tomorrow for my first official "what I wore" post!

I Cannot Tell A Lie...

My Saturday has consisted of...nothing...but watching Mad Men on Netflix. 

I blame this on the fact I don't have cable and because of that I have this desperate need to watch television. 

Damn you Don Draper! 

Okay...maybe it was slightly my fault to...I'd rather blame Don. 

Here's hoping Sunday will be more productive!

This Week's Fabulous Friday Finds PLUS Some Extra Goodies!

Extra goodies as in, I usually stick to 5 finds, but seeing as I missed last weeks FFF's I should share a few more!

Sit tight, lots to see here, but it's all so good!

First, let's just go for the Top 5 items I've come across this week that have made my heart go pitter patter, or possibly that was my debit card running away from me!

Opposites Attract print via JenniPenni - This caught my attention right away, maybe it was the color scheme (love), maybe it was the tights, or maybe the shoes! I just love it. 

Vintage Pin Up Wiggle Dress via MsZinski - I can't stop looking at this gem in my favorites! The bow at the neckline is just perfection. <3

Shafford Deer Toothbrush Holder via CampHobachee - So this could be used for different things but as a toothbrush/paste holder...I just can't get enough of it! 

Fantasy Fairy Tale Girl Playing Violin with Owl via solocosmo - I am so unbelievably captivated by Jessica Grundy's artwork!

Vintage Floral and Geometric Shirt via SundayBluesVintage - The colors in this top are so fun and vibrant and I love the cut of it!

Extra Goodies!

Lordy...I do love shopping...even more so shopping for bargains! *Side note - I plan on including some "what I wore" posts in the near future (next week!) because I do love clothes and finding fabulous items at bargain prices so I thought I should start sharing!*

With that being said, I stumbled upon a new shop on Etsy this week that goes by the name SoLoVintageShop, she is just starting up her shop so she doesn't have pages of listings (plus I bought 3 dresses!) but you can't beat prices and I had to favorite the shop so I wouldn't miss any upcoming additions! 

I'm sure I'll be taking some photos once I receive the dresses but until then...here's a sneak peek!

Abstract Polka Dot Dress - SoLoVintageShop - I'm dying to pair this with a belt and my oxfords and tights!

Last on the list of extras, hopefully you've made it this far down in the post, if so...yay! <3

I feel like I should post weekly about the Shoes Crushes I'm developing on shoes from UrbanOG.

Here is a couple picks from my wish list...my debit card is running away from me again...

Peep Toe Sandal in 4 different colors...oh my goodness...I need you in my life and on my feet!

Almond Toe Loafer in 3 different colors and a more "work appropriate" but still fun paired with the right outfit - I <3 you 

Okay, I must stop now, can you tell I've been missing the internet? I am an avid internet shopper...I've been going through withdrawals. 

What's on your must have or fab find list this week? I'd love to see!

Talk to you soon!

Can I Get a Woo Hoo! It's Thrifty "Tutorial" Thursday!

I would like to apologize for my excessive excitement, I'm just elated that I have the internet, however cable I still do not have. The Direct TV hook up did NOT go as planned...grrrr...hopefully I'll have good news and TV before next week. Or somebodys gonna have some explaining to do!

I found the cutest and one of the easiest DIY headband tutorials! I'm still not unpacked...hey I really am trying...so I can't try this one yet!! It's so simple and dainty...and I love it.

To get the full tutorial and more photos head on over to Coletterie and check it out.
If you try it I would LOVE to see photos!

PS - Do you want to know a really good way NOT to start your day?
With a scorpion. A freaking scorpion.

My little Charlie girl found it this morning, thank goodness she couldn't actually reach it, and it wasn't THAT large. It was a baby (which apparently is more evil and venemous than the big daddy ones) and was easily maimed with a shoe. In 15 years in Florida I've NEVER seen a scorpion until this morning. I hope to high heavens I never see another one. Gross.

Talk to you soon!

Woo Hoo I've Been Interneted...Which Means it's Mid-Week Tranquility Time!

Yep, interneted is the "word" of choice in this scenario, I'm so excited I have to make up my own word!

Our internet was delivered, yes delivered, via the oh so fabulous couriers of mail - FedEx. 

In more of a last ditch effort, we ended up going with Clear, which at this point in time only had wireless internet available. Apparently an actual device for internet just based in the home should be available soon. But at 45 bucks a month for unlimited usage...it beats Verizon (stupid Luis) or us waiting for Comcast to get it's butt in gear!

Unfortunately, the range of the internet signal isn't the best, but I can blog from the comfort of my bed at least...so I can't complain.

And...it's Mid-Week Tranquility Day!!! Because I can continue my Mid-Week Tranquility now that I've been interneted.


Boy do I need a dose of tranquility...anyone else need to jump on the tranquil bandwagon?

Climb aboard!

There's something about the crystal clear water and the simple joy of a good swing that just makes me take a deep breath and smile.


PS - more good news on the new home front...we get Direct TV today...if all goes as planned *crossing fingers* I'll finally have my sweet sweet TV again. Finally...just in time for Dexter...come on September!

Talk to you soon! : )

Just Another Quickie Update on Things!

I am SO ready to get back to my regular blogging life, where I can check on the blogs I love and post freely not just when I can hunt down some internet!

But while I do have a hiccup of internet, I wanted to share a few photos of how the felines are adjusting to the new casa, they are the only residents that could give a rat's behind about the TV and internet (though Benny does enjoy a good Criminal Minds episode)...truth!

So here are the photos - keep in mind these were taken with my cell phone so sorry for the lack of quality!

Trixie (aka BellaTrix) getting all comfy and what not on her window sill!

Benny enjoying the garden tub like the King he is.

How I found Trixie sleeping under the covers one morning. Silly cat.

I swear I will have more to talk about than cats when I get back up and running!

Talk to you soon!

Still Internet-less...it's driving me nutty! Oh and a kitty update!

My other half and I have been in our new casa for a week now and we still are without cable AND internet. WARNING - this is not full of photos...but there are some...there are far more words than pictures!

We had to ixnay Comcast since apparently they haven't set up whatever components THEY need to provide service to the new builds in this community. We decided to go the DirectTV route but they outsource the internet hook ups to 3rd party businesses that provide internet. We had Wild Blue ready to come out and install internet for us today but believe or not...the contractor talked us out of using Wild Blue because he said it would be incredibly slow and not worth it!! So we were back at square one....even though really we never were past square one. 

The Wild Blue guy said we should try using a cell service for internet and Verizon has the best service out in this area. So off we go to Verizon and after waiting for roughly 20-30 minutes in the store for someone to help us we get Luis who talks us into the Hot Spot wireless router and says it will without a doubt be what we need....even though my other half said to him his laptop doesn't have wi fi and that he needs something he can connect TO a wireless router. Luis swears up and down this device will do that. Also a fun fact at the end of the purchase he thanks us for being EASY SALES!!! (PS - my other half needed internet ASAP for homework he needed to turn in by midnight tonight...hence why we were running around like mad men) After paying 160 bucks for the device we scurry home and have it hooked up by 8 pm only to find out...it doesn't AT ALL do what he said it does...I can access the internet on my computer because I have access to wi fi but my other half can't do crap! You suck Luis!

We decided to keep the device for the evening so my beau could at least do his homework, I decided I should post a quick update while I did have working internet, because I'm not 100% sure when we will have this sorted out!

Thanks for reading the rant!

On a good note, I got my couch delivered today, photos to come soon. The felines are loving it...the bean bags (which you can see below) were no match for the comfy couch!

Okay so now, some photos, I haven't taken a ton in all the chaos but I've kept my camera on me and did take a handful of random shots!

Pretty pretty flowers I had to take a shot of when we were going to have breakfast one morning.

The other half trying out the business man desk at Circle K Furniture - most of their furniture was just awful and down right hideous! Except of course for the horse head book ends. 

Here is my attempt at a size comparison so you can get a good idea of how tiny Lil' Trixie is. Average size house cat Penelope next to baby Trixie. Apparently they estimated her full grown weight to be 6 to 7 pounds! See the bean bags!

So hopefully I will talk to you lovelies soon and be able to catch up on all the blogs! I think we have a light at the end of the internet tunnel coming up tomorrow...we shall see!

Trixie has arrived!

Okay so I know that Wednesday is usually my dose of Mid-Week Tranquility BUT this week is a little different than most. 

Today Lil' Miss Trixie has finally arrived! Yay! She was a very good car companion. While my other half drove us back from Fernandina Beach (where Cats Angels is located - about an hour from where I live) Trixie slept quietly in my lap. 

Cats Angels was very helpful and kind, they went above and beyond helping get Trixie comfortable while waiting on me to pick her up these last couple of weeks. 

I haven't been able to take many photos of Trixie because she's a fast little bugger and she's been very busy exploring and trying to stay away from the angry cats that already call this place home. Penelope has been pretty cool about it with a few hisses here and there so far but Benny and Charlie are NOT happy. Hopefully they'll adjust sooner rather than later. 

Very tiny little Trix checking out hiding spots 

Does anyone have any experience with DirectTV? We are considering leaving Comcast in the dust since we are still without internet and cable!

 PS - This is the couch I got! It is a dark moss color green but that's nearly impossible to tell in this photo!

On the Move Update!

Hello lovelies! Oh how I've miss you all so! 

Today is Day Two of the move. Sadly I don't have any entertaining photos of myself from yesterday sweating like a pig in 100+ degree heat while moving furniture. 

I don't even have internet, apparently Comcast has neglected installing whatever they need to install to provide cable and internet to anyone on my new construction block of homes, better yet...there's no ETA on when we will have internet/cable. COME ON COMCAST! New seasons of shows are starting in September and I need to have blogging access! Luckily, my cell phone has hot spot access so I can connect from my phone but it is SLOW! 

On the plus side, my lovely mother bought us a couch, so on Saturday when it's delivered I will no longer be using bean bags from Wal-mart to get comfy in the living room. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, this slower than slow internet doesn't work well with posting photos so I can't a photo of my couch! : ( 

Sorry for the photo-less post!

PS - The felines are adapting relatively well, there have been some bumps in the road but it's okay. I will have more of an update on their shenanigans soon! PS - Lil' Trixie is coming home tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

Awww...Poor Little Tuckered Out Kitty.

Well it looks like I'm not the only one tired of packing!

Almost finished!

Ta Da! This girl bought a house!!!

I tell ya, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would buy a house, I have been a tried and true renter for the last 8 years. I could never fathom actually owning the place I reside in. 

My weekend is starting out with taking my eldest little lion to the vet. Poor big baby. I need to get him up to date on all his shots before the little one gets here! We've decided to bring her home Tuesday, I am off until Friday, so I can be home with her while she adjusts. 

We are making the BIG move on Monday, this weekend we will be bringing anything we can fit in our cars, I hope the move goes smoothly! 

PS - I found about 2 hours before I was supposed to close that I was 100% okay to close! 2 hours!!

While my other half (thank you babe for all your help and support in our home buying process!) and I are over the moon about moving into our own place, I will miss something here at the ol' apartment, a tree.

This tree outside our place always brought a smile to my face.

Needless to say, it's going to be busy around here, I will do my blogging best to keep all you lovelies up to date because I love sharing all of this will all of you! And *THANK YOU* for all your kind words during all the mess of the lead up to the closing!

Talk to you soon!!

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