Another Weekend Winding Down...

Just to let everyone know, I swear I did more than watch TV today, mostly because I couldn't get my stupid internet to work so I couldn't watch any Netflix streaming. Maybe that was my cue to be productive.

Let's review -  

- I swiffered the whole downstairs AND wet swiffered! It smells all freshly mopped which is nice. 
 - I finally unpacked everything that needed to be in the dresser
- I unpacked and loaded up our banquette that holds the seemingly countless DVD's
- I did a much needed loaded of laundry (let me tell you how amazing it is to have a washer that is made to do large capacity loads!)

Now we are waiting for Direct TV to come by and attempt for a 2nd time to give us cable!! 
Let's just say my outlook is not positive, not until there are some results!

I wanted to close out the weekend by sharing a few photos of my little gremlions (they were taken with my cell so the quality is lacking) -

Lots of good sleeping action happening here from Trix. They made a little kitty triangle. (You can see a tiny bit of one side of my!

 Ah to be a cat..all cozy and in bed...all day long!

This is my little tiny Trixie girl smushed up next to Penelope. <3

See you tomorrow for my first official "what I wore" post!

  1. your kitties are so cute! and its funny because at one point, my mom had 3 cats in the same exact color combination as yours :) jake was grey, kitty was white, and ralphie is orange:)

  2. Your cats are so sweet! The life of a cat is truly... relaxing :)


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