Still's driving me nutty! Oh and a kitty update!

My other half and I have been in our new casa for a week now and we still are without cable AND internet. WARNING - this is not full of photos...but there are some...there are far more words than pictures!

We had to ixnay Comcast since apparently they haven't set up whatever components THEY need to provide service to the new builds in this community. We decided to go the DirectTV route but they outsource the internet hook ups to 3rd party businesses that provide internet. We had Wild Blue ready to come out and install internet for us today but believe or not...the contractor talked us out of using Wild Blue because he said it would be incredibly slow and not worth it!! So we were back at square one....even though really we never were past square one. 

The Wild Blue guy said we should try using a cell service for internet and Verizon has the best service out in this area. So off we go to Verizon and after waiting for roughly 20-30 minutes in the store for someone to help us we get Luis who talks us into the Hot Spot wireless router and says it will without a doubt be what we need....even though my other half said to him his laptop doesn't have wi fi and that he needs something he can connect TO a wireless router. Luis swears up and down this device will do that. Also a fun fact at the end of the purchase he thanks us for being EASY SALES!!! (PS - my other half needed internet ASAP for homework he needed to turn in by midnight tonight...hence why we were running around like mad men) After paying 160 bucks for the device we scurry home and have it hooked up by 8 pm only to find doesn't AT ALL do what he said it does...I can access the internet on my computer because I have access to wi fi but my other half can't do crap! You suck Luis!

We decided to keep the device for the evening so my beau could at least do his homework, I decided I should post a quick update while I did have working internet, because I'm not 100% sure when we will have this sorted out!

Thanks for reading the rant!

On a good note, I got my couch delivered today, photos to come soon. The felines are loving it...the bean bags (which you can see below) were no match for the comfy couch!

Okay so now, some photos, I haven't taken a ton in all the chaos but I've kept my camera on me and did take a handful of random shots!

Pretty pretty flowers I had to take a shot of when we were going to have breakfast one morning.

The other half trying out the business man desk at Circle K Furniture - most of their furniture was just awful and down right hideous! Except of course for the horse head book ends. 

Here is my attempt at a size comparison so you can get a good idea of how tiny Lil' Trixie is. Average size house cat Penelope next to baby Trixie. Apparently they estimated her full grown weight to be 6 to 7 pounds! See the bean bags!

So hopefully I will talk to you lovelies soon and be able to catch up on all the blogs! I think we have a light at the end of the internet tunnel coming up tomorrow...we shall see!

  1. Well, the kitty cats are close to each other so that's good! So sorry for the Internet issues. I'm just about as frustrated dealing with my iPad. I love it but there are so many things you can't do on it.
    Just goes to show we are too addicted to the blog world! :)

  2. lol awww your kitties are so precious. :P I'm sorry you're going through such craziness!!! I can't imagine not having internet (though I did it for almost 2 weeks when we moved to wisconsin... horrrrible). Hopefully you get everything sorted out soon! :)

  3. Boo about your many internet problems! It's kind of hilarious that the guy from Wild Blue talked you out of using his product. At least he was honest, unlike the tool from Verizon.


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