Trixie has arrived!

Okay so I know that Wednesday is usually my dose of Mid-Week Tranquility BUT this week is a little different than most. 

Today Lil' Miss Trixie has finally arrived! Yay! She was a very good car companion. While my other half drove us back from Fernandina Beach (where Cats Angels is located - about an hour from where I live) Trixie slept quietly in my lap. 

Cats Angels was very helpful and kind, they went above and beyond helping get Trixie comfortable while waiting on me to pick her up these last couple of weeks. 

I haven't been able to take many photos of Trixie because she's a fast little bugger and she's been very busy exploring and trying to stay away from the angry cats that already call this place home. Penelope has been pretty cool about it with a few hisses here and there so far but Benny and Charlie are NOT happy. Hopefully they'll adjust sooner rather than later. 

Very tiny little Trix checking out hiding spots 

Does anyone have any experience with DirectTV? We are considering leaving Comcast in the dust since we are still without internet and cable!

 PS - This is the couch I got! It is a dark moss color green but that's nearly impossible to tell in this photo!

  1. hey - cute kitty. like the couch too. lynn just got satellite today. is that the same thing. she thinks it is very easy so far. so i'll let you know if you are interested. todd has it also.

  2. Oh she is so beautiful! And I love that couch!

  3. Awww.... how precious! I just love cats! My cat made the move for the first couple of days but I haven't seen her since last Friday. I'm holding on to hope that she'll wander back. Trixie is very cute! Maybe all your kids will start playing nice soon. :)

    Love the couch too btw. :)

  4. love the couch and love trixie!
    as for direct tv, that's what i have back in charleston and i don't think we've ever had a problem. :)

  5. awww, trixie is adorable! congrats on your new little kitty baby, and cat angels seems like a great place :) reminds me of the no-kill shelter we got our first cat, max, from.


  6. Trixie is so cute. I wish she would slow down so you could get some more pictures.

    Cute couch!


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