Just Another Quickie Update on Things!

I am SO ready to get back to my regular blogging life, where I can check on the blogs I love and post freely not just when I can hunt down some internet!

But while I do have a hiccup of internet, I wanted to share a few photos of how the felines are adjusting to the new casa, they are the only residents that could give a rat's behind about the TV and internet (though Benny does enjoy a good Criminal Minds episode)...truth!

So here are the photos - keep in mind these were taken with my cell phone so sorry for the lack of quality!

Trixie (aka BellaTrix) getting all comfy and what not on her window sill!

Benny enjoying the garden tub like the King he is.

How I found Trixie sleeping under the covers one morning. Silly cat.

I swear I will have more to talk about than cats when I get back up and running!

Talk to you soon!

  1. aww, nothing better in the world than cozy little kitties! my mrs. alics likes sleeping under the covers sometimes too :)

  2. Oh, such cute kitties! They look so cuddly and sweet.

  3. Awe, here they are! Oh, my! Oh, my! They're so cute! >*.*<

    I wanna pet them now! :P

  4. LOL! Cats make the funniest poses ever, I swear.



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