Woo Hoo I've Been Interneted...Which Means it's Mid-Week Tranquility Time!

Yep, interneted is the "word" of choice in this scenario, I'm so excited I have to make up my own word!

Our internet was delivered, yes delivered, via the oh so fabulous couriers of mail - FedEx. 

In more of a last ditch effort, we ended up going with Clear, which at this point in time only had wireless internet available. Apparently an actual device for internet just based in the home should be available soon. But at 45 bucks a month for unlimited usage...it beats Verizon (stupid Luis) or us waiting for Comcast to get it's butt in gear!

Unfortunately, the range of the internet signal isn't the best, but I can blog from the comfort of my bed at least...so I can't complain.

And...it's Mid-Week Tranquility Day!!! Because I can continue my Mid-Week Tranquility now that I've been interneted.


Boy do I need a dose of tranquility...anyone else need to jump on the tranquil bandwagon?

Climb aboard!

There's something about the crystal clear water and the simple joy of a good swing that just makes me take a deep breath and smile.


PS - more good news on the new home front...we get Direct TV today...if all goes as planned *crossing fingers* I'll finally have my sweet sweet TV again. Finally...just in time for Dexter...come on September!

Talk to you soon! : )

  1. Hey, I have Clear too! ::high five::

    It is way better than Comcast or Verizon and cheaper too, and they actually have nice customer service people! :)

  2. We all need a bit of tranquility!! I wouldn't mind a swim in a nice, clear lake either:)



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