Monday's a Good Day for my Announcement!

So some of you may know that I mentioned I had a little announcement in a post last week. 

Well I just couldn't wait to share any longer! I was trying to wait until I was confirmed "clear to close" on my house but patience isn't a virtue that I possess. 

*I adopted a kitten!*

I wanted to wait until I was in the clear to close because I won't be getting her from her foster family until my other half and I are in the new home. So bringing her home won't happen until I have my home!  The waiting is driving me crazy! Waiting on the new home and waiting on the newest addition!

The name she was given when she was rescued was Domino but she will be our little Trixie (full name - Trixie the Pixie...yep TP.)

She's a little tiny thing right now, I just hope she stays tiny for the next couple of weeks, my oldest cat Benny seems to adjust more quickly when his new sibling is tiny! 

  1. She is too cute! I hope she gets along well with her new feline family :)


  2. I just happened upon your blog and I have to say- so cute!
    I love kittens and I hope someday to have 4 like you! (Right now we're starting with one!)
    Great blog!

  3. She's adorable!! I'm not good at waiting either, so I sympathize with you!! :)

  4. @Kaili - Thanks! I hope she gets along well just never know!

    @Aimee - Thanks :) One is a great place to start...I started with one four years ago!

  5. awww so cute but I think that kitty will be a mischief cat- i see it in the eyes :)

  6. @Erika - I think you are correct...she does look like trouble! :)

  7. She is adorable! A new home and a new kitten... lucky girl!

  8. oh geez!! not another one!!!
    cute though :)

  9. Oh my exciting!! Little kittens grow about a pound a week so you should be fine. Can't wait for you to get her home!! She's really pretty!

  10. That is a great announcement and something for you to look so forward to. She's adorable and I just know that you will give eachother many, many years of joy and happiness!

    Congratulations!!! This is new worth celebrating.

  11. OH MY! Look at those tiny paws! She's cute as a button.

  12. *squee* what an adorable little kitty : ) can't wait to watch her grow up

  13. AHHHH!!!!!!! She is so sweet and cute!!! I am so happy for you and I can't wait until you can bring her home!!! :)


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